Afternoon tea at the Siam Kempinski

girl having afternoon tea in bangkok at siam kempinski

5* for the creamy butter for the scones! Am I weird for choosing green tea for my afternoon tea?

As most of you know already from reading my blog, you know my love for afternoon tea is real. There’s never been a place that has quite managed to steal my heart away as the Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai, but now I found someone who can match them. Not mainly because of the eatables, Dhara Dhevi will always have my heart there, mostly because of their amazing macaroons. They make the best pistachio macaroons, but they also have original and exciting flavours like mango sticky rice. So yummy!

This is the spot for afternoon tea! Hanuman Bar.

Such a pretty set-up.

afternoon tea siam kempinski

It was only me and Tom who went and there was no chance for us to finish it all. You get one pot of hot chocolate, two pots of tea of your choice and all these sweet and savory treats- I think this is perfect for 4 people. We didn’t even eat before we got here!

Though the sweet and savoury pieces at the Siam Kempinski were all very delicious, it was more the experience and service that made the trick. I’ll give them 10/10 for making the best hot chocolate ever, that means a lot as I come from Norway, where hot chocolate is a stample drink in the winter. The staff is on point- carefully explaining every single ingredient of the hot chocolate as they make it in front of you. Pure chocolate, chilli, orange… So if you’re ever in Siam Paragon or that area, wanting to sit down and relax, this is the spot. The price is right, and the set can easily be enough for up to four people.

afternoon tea bangkok

Sugar happy!

I’ve been really good with dieting up until now- starting for before we went to Maldives (video here). I even hit my number and was planning to stay there, but then all these events are coming up, people coming to visit (not complaining guys, I love visitors!), birthday parties, Songkran. We’ve been out 3 times this week, and the coming week there’s another 2 birthday parties, AND Kolor Warehouse in the weekend. So I might as well eat as I please for now, I’m certainly not going to cut down on food to give space for the cocktails and cake. Ah, then there’s Together festival on the 29th- the lineup is too big to miss out on! I have to say, after hitting this age I dread going out. Once a week and I’m already complaining about bad habits. So these past weeks have and are going to take a toll on my health, hehe. For sure I’ll be welcoming May AND my 25th year on this planet with something different from what April had to bring.

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Happy Songkran!!

Hi lovlies! I’m just tuning in to wish all my Thai readers a happy new year! Enjoy your holidays guys because you deserve it! I’ve been in pretty much every day to finish up my thesis, but we did go to enjoy some tunes and water play at the pool party Marriott Marquis the other day. Hey I even got a good splash while walking there and back, I think that’s enough for me this year around. So thankful nobody’s splashed me with ice water yet! Let’s see what tonight brings though – you never know!

girl sitting on inflatable unicorn in the pool girl sitting unicorn in the pool girl sitting unicorn in the pool

I’ve definitely been getting in the gym hours  though. There’s nothing better than an empty  gym. Today we met up with our buddy Rishi and went training at his gym- The Cascade. It was such a great gym. Too bad it’s so far away. We also finally got to see their baby Thea, such a cutie!

Again, H A P P Y    S O N G K R A N ! Be safe!

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Fast results with Opalescence Go!

holding opalescence go box

Love the packaging! Isn’t it pretty? I have the 10% solution as my teeth are a little sensitive. You can go both stronger and weaker.

The trays are really easy to put on, it’s marked with L for lower and U for upper. You just open the plastic and place the trays over your teeth. Then bite your teeth together and remove the orange plastic from your teeth. You’ll be left with a thin layer of see-through sheets with bleach.

Put on one side at the time before you bite your teeth together. I found that it worked better this way. This is how it looks! You should store your trays in the fridge for them to stick even better.

After two treatments of Opalescence GO

Loving my results so far with Opalescence GO. I stopped at 3 days of treatment as I didn’t want to go any whiter. One box was more than enough for  two people actually. I still keep a couple in the fridge for touch up, but haven’t used it yet as the results is long-lasting. One tips for optimal lasting effect is to drink your drinks with a straw (especially coffee) and stick to white wine. (Buy a reusable straw to have with you all the time. Looks classy, cheap, good for your teeth and the big bonus, less plastic for the environment! You can buy a Glass or Stainless Steel straw for only 1 $.) Also steer away from coloured food. But obviously don’t forget to enjoy your life!  

Click here to my previous post to find out where you can get Opalescence GO.

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Still dreaming about Maldives.

Our over-water bungalow!

Here’s some more photo’s I’ve been sharing on my instagram from our recent trip to Maldives. I promise to write more later guys but right now I just can’t find the time. We actually discovered quite a few gems there! Until then; check out our Youtube video from Maldives, and don’t forget to subscribe! 

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Cover story on Wanderlust Magazine

Excited to tell you guys that I’m the cover story on Wanderlust Mag! You can read my story from page 6 onwards. This issue is about health and the story focuses on my health routines in my daily life and my medical  studies. And as always my life as an expat in Bangkok and how I got here! I love it, I can believe little Levanger is mentioned in a Magazine outside my county, let alone outside the country AND even another on another continent. Fun stuff! 

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