Still dreaming about Maldives.

Our over-water bungalow!

Here’s some more photo’s I’ve been sharing on my instagram from our recent trip to Maldives. I promise to write more later guys but right now I just can’t find the time. We actually discovered quite a few gems there! Until then; check out our Youtube video from Maldives, and don’t forget to subscribe! 

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Cover story on Wanderlust Magazine

Excited to tell you guys that I’m the cover story on Wanderlust Mag! You can read my story from page 6 onwards. This issue is about health and the story focuses on my health routines in my daily life and my medical  studies. And as always my life as an expat in Bangkok and how I got here! I love it, I can believe little Levanger is mentioned in a Magazine outside my county, let alone outside the country AND even another on another continent. Fun stuff! 

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As dreamy as it seems…

Maldives have been nothing short of a dream so far. The endless blue waters and white sandy  beaches. Anantara Dhigu is actually a family  resort-island but yet it is so quiet and peaceful here. We’ve been soaking up the sun all day and gazed at the stars during night time. The night sky is so beautiful here! Yesterday we went for a SPA treatment and it was the best one we’ve ever had. The masseuses are from Thailand, higly skilled with firm  hands,but the location is what makes it. It’s surrounded with turquoise blue water and  sunshine, I’m not even exaggerating. It lifts your mood right from the start and creates a perfect  feeling. The window under your massage table let’s you stare right into the ocean. You can even watch the sunset from the jacuzzi at the end. Amazing! 

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Brb, I’m going to Maldives!

Hi guys! There might or might not be any blogging during my week in Maldives. The internet hasn’t been  great so far, but this is only day one. We’re staying at Anantara Dhigu and it’s gorgeous! We are located right on the beach in a sunrise bungalow, safe to say, I’m IN LOVE. We are staying here for three days before we move to the over water bungalows at Anantara Veli. This is truly a dream come true. Follow me on Instagram story for daily updates! 

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In love with Puri Pai Villa

This view… make sure you wake up in the early AM to catch the sunrise.

<3 this guy!

One sentence. The food in Pai is sooo good. Let alone at this hotel! We stayed and dined here the whole day! Never left the hotel until check-out!

Wine pour

The lounge area is perfect for a bottle of wine!

THAT view…

girl standing next to wall at puri pai villa


We stayed at so many cool places during our trip to Pai in February. We loved them all, in different ways, as I made sure we got a nice variety when it came to location and hotel style. But, Puri Pai Villa was the one to put a mark on us. The decor, the feeling of modern luxury and all this combined with a panoramic view of the hills of Mae Hong Son. Because of the location, you will only be able to catch the sunrise, but it is one of a kind. It gets quite chill in the morning, so you get that nice mountain vibe, having to wear a blanket as you gaze into the endless nature covered in this magic golden light. It’s so relaxing and it doesn’t even feel like you’re in Thailand anymore. As the sun settles and noon comes creeping by you can get into your bikini without any problem. It’s all of a sudden a total different place. Get a bottle of wine at the pool bar, located on a large balcony overlooking the rest of the villas and just relax to the sound of nature. The food there is AMAZING, you have to try their pastas, all of them were good! Then night comes, you can hang out at the bean bags in the sun deck, there’s even a fire-place, a draft beer place and on Fridays there’s a BBQ! Puri Pai Villa, we’ll be back!

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