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Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. Not only because we born on the other side of the poverty line, lucky enough to be surrounded by people we love and who loves us back, but we area also extremely lucky to be raised as women, in an age where we can have an education and aspire to be whatever we want to be. Where we and have a voice and make our own terms in life, regardless of what men or society tells us.

Beautiful woman SK-II

You would think that today, in this amazing world that we live in, and that with the opportunities we are all presented with, men and women are facing the same obstacles in our daily lives, because after all we do have the same responsibilities. Taking care of ourselves, working and for some of us eventually taking care of our families. But unfortunately these aren’t the feelings that we all are left with as we turn a page older in our book of life.

SK-II’s survey shows that both women and men agrees that women are in their prime in their 20s, while men in their 30s. Society has put so much more pressure on women, staying young and beautiful, getting married, having children- that all these great things that we are so lucky to be brought up with soon becomes forgotten. “Why haven’t I found the right person yet?” “Am I not good enough?” “Am I getting too old?” “Am I not beautiful?”. These are questions us women are struggling with asking ourselves. But the toughest ones are the questions we get from our loved ones.. ”Why haven’t you gotten married yet?” “When are you getting married?” “When will I have my grandchildren?” And this is where the problem comes along… all this pressure. This is where the questions you are struggling with yourselves becomes a reality. This is where the hopelessness kicks in.

More than your age, SK-II campaign

It’s not the pressure of failing to complete these tasks in life, but It’s the pressure of disappointing your loved ones. Some of us wants to be independent and marry on our own terms when we fall in love. Some of us might not want to get married or have children at all.

SK-II survey change your destiny

SK-II launched a study to gain a deeper understanding about the social age-related pressure where a total of 7541 subjects participated from all over the world. The study show that only 2 out of 10 women describes themselves as comfortable with the idea of getting older. It gets even higher in the single groups of women where 46% are feeling unhappy about being older. In China and Korea as high as 60% are feeling pressured to get married. 52% of Korean women under 30 state that finding a suitable partner for marriage is their biggest concern about getting older.

In this amazing world that we are living in, with the opportunities that we have been handed. I say we forget about the pressure of completing tasks on other people’s list. At the end of the day you have to come first. You can’t help others before you find your own happiness. Don’t stress with time, we have no expiry date, as long as we are alive nothing is too late. It’s YOUR life. Don’t marry because you have to, marry because you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Marry on your own terms and always remember that you are beautiful. No age can ever define that! We have been raised in a time where women work and make their own living, let’s not let the opinions of others set us back again. Live the life that you’ve imagined, and never look back with regrets.

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Perfect summer break

girls in spain

Tbt to Valencia two years ago! Time flies!

girl in from of buckingham palace

Tom’s is half English so we try to go London whenever we are in Europe!

couple kissing in from of fountain in Valencia

Spain rules…

to girls sitting in guadalest on summer holiday

We would always come here to enjoy the view when I lived in Spain. Behind me you can see some of the town, Guadalest.

So excited for the summer holiday to start. We are flying in to Norway o the 8th of August and are planning to stay there all until the 23rd. Then we are flying to London for 5 days to hang out in London and see Eminem at Reading Festival. We’ve also managed to squeeze in a couple of nights in Lisbon. From then on we’ll go chill in Barcelona for a couple of days until finally we get to see my mom and sister in Spain again. I can’t believe I haven’t visited them for two years now, and actually haven’t seen my little sister since! I’m so excited to see my mom’s restaurant too and I’m so happy that she finally has realised her dream of opening her own Thai restaurant. If you’re ever in Benidorm, Jindeeka is the name!

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The white sandy beaches of Maldives

Hi guys, finally, I’ve taken the time to sit down and actually write-up a post about the Maldives. I have included the best photos in the previous posts, including our video from the trip, which I’ll be linking to underneath this post, or you can simply click the marked area as usual. So many of you have been asking how the prices are, what to do and where to stay when going to Maldives.

girl at anantara maldives

There are plenty of resorts and hotels scattered all over the Maldives, and you can find amazing properties and white sandy beaches starting from only 3000 baht/100 USD. If you are on a low budget, these are more than good enough as the beaches are amazing anyways. You can also opt for something more expensive and more private like the island resorts. It hurts the wallet, and requires some saving up beforehand, but if you plan it in time, you could get a great deal. We stayed at Anantara Maldives with 3 days at Dhigu and 3 days at Veli, which was just a pontoon boat ride away from each other.

Dhigu is more suited for families, and you can have your very own bungalow on the beach, which is dreamy if you ask me. The bungalows are spacious with your own path, leading you straight to the beach where your very own little seating area is waiting for you under a straw hut. There’s a nice seating area just outside your bungalow too, and a beautiful outside bathroom with a large bathtub in the middle, surrounded with white sand. It’s everything you would imagine a beach paradise to be like. There’s more dining options at Dhigu and the island is much bigger and gives room for activities for the kids too.

Our little pathway to the beach

For the lovers or friends who wants a bit more privacy the over water bungalow at Anantara Veli would be the better option. Kids are not allowed on this island during the evening, which feels quite nice if you want to chill by the pool where it’s nice and quiet. The pool bar at Dhigu has a much better view and more space, but it’s also crowded with people

The overwater bungalow at Anantara Veli

water maldives

The Maldives can be quite expensive and it does not really matter if you are staying in a cheap hotel or a private resort. Going on guided tours and snorkeling trips will cost you quite a bit. We went for a 2-hour excursion to look for dolphins, which costed 150 USD pr.person. In this price you get to jump into the water and search for them too. There were also cheaper options where you stay at the boat for around 75 USD pr. Person. If you think about what you get in return, being lost in the Indian sea cruising along the atoll’s of Maldives, WATCHING WILD DOLPHINS, it’s worth it! However, don’t compare it to the prices in Thailand… the difference is enormous.

You can get a nice Thai massage in these little huts. Even if you’re not going for a massage you should come here to chill. The water looks insane here while the sun shines!

Alcohol and food is expensive on the islands… we stayed at the Anantara and you can expect the prices to be the same as back home in Europe. I’m Norwegian and I found the prices in Maldives to be much higher than back home when it came to food. But drinks are somewhat the same. A beer is from 10 USD upwards and drinks and wine usually starts at 15 USD. A good trick is to wait for sunset; the pool bars have a great 2 for 1 happy hour deal and there’s tapas deals all day for snacks in Veli. You can also open a bottle of wine at the pool bar all day for only 45 USD! A decent meal ranges between 25-80 USD, where you can expect to pay 45 USD for a good meal to stay full. These are the dinner prices, but if you book a table at the pool par or during lunch times there’s a different menu and you can have simple dishes for as low as 20-25 USD. There are also buffets for 125 USD with a different theme to every day of the week.

There will be an added 22% in service charge and government taxes on top of anything you do there… SPA’s, massages, food, trips, you name it.

couple anantara maldives

Chill in the jacuzzi and watch the sunset after your SPA treatment!

Another thing I highly recommend if you go to Anantara Dhigu is their massage. It was the most relaxing experience I’ve ever had at a SPA. The massage rooms are located above the water with a window looking down at the sea… and the staff are just perfect there. Actually, the staff are perfect at the whole hotel without even exaggerating Book your appointment so you finish just in time for sunset. There’s a chilling area overlooking the sunset with sun beds and Jacuzzis and saunas for all the SPA’s guest.

breakfast maldives

The breakfast buffet is AMAZING at both the resorts and you’re not going to have space for much after. Definitely get a hotel with breakfast package or even half board options!

Pefect tub in your bathroom/sealed garden at Dhigu.

Maldives is on my list of top destinations that I have visited. It’s so relaxing, so pristine there’s nothing quite like it. The beaches are white and the water is clearer than anything I have seen. No garbage in the sea, no pollution in the sky. We had to stop several times during our trip to gaze at the beautiful scenery reminding ourselves how crazy it was that we were there. There are so many places I’ve yet to see and new that I would love to go to, but Maldives was so special I would love to go again!

The sky is so clear you can see stars on the night sky and the sunset is amazing!!! Don’t belive me? Check it out here.

So to all my fellow travelling souls if you ever have the chance to go to Maldives, take it! You can save up and travel in luxury or you can go the budget route and opt for something cheaper, but whatever you do, GO! We are so lucky to live here in Thailand where a plane ticket costs only around 300 USD / 10000 baht!

Best time to travel is between December to late April. We went at the beginning of April as it was fully booked for the dates we wanted. So make sure you are early out. We were lucky and only encountered one day of rain.

More photos here  here and travel video HERE. <3
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Best birthday present ever!!

I’ve been dead on social media for a while now, no instagram, no blogging, no nothing. I wish I could say my only excuse was the fact that school has been very dominating with my time lately, but it’s not entirely the truth. I can honestly say I’ve been slacking quite a bit aswell… It’s hard to balance a life where you can fit blogging into the big picture sometimes, and I keep trying to make a scchedule to fit it all in, but I guess blogging isn’t my priority anymore. But I’m hoping that will change. So what have I been up to lately?

girl and her frenchie sitting in window

Love my Diego <3

  1. Obviously school…
  2. Working…I normally only come into the office 2 days a week, but since it’s summer holidays and people are going back to Scandinavia I’m filling in the blanks.
  3. Planning my summer holidays. We’re flying to Norway in the beginning of August and staying a month then flying out of Alicante, Spain where my mom and sister lives. I’m stoked!
  4. Obessing over crypto currencies. Ether is my fave. If you haven’t gotten into in yet, you’re still not too late. This TED talk is great to get an insight!
  5. Turning 25!

Tom got me the best birthday present EVER. During our time in Europe, we’ll be flying to the UK for Reading Festival. And you’re not gonna believe it. Eminem will be performing! I’ll be heading there with him and my bestie Tuva! What better duo to go there with!  I never thought I’d ever have the chance to see Eminem live. It’s been a dream since forever!

My family is coming to Thailand soon too. Summer always rules! <3

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Finding my fitness

girl holding evlution fitness products in bangkok

Thanks to EVLUTION NUTRITION for my stash!

After years of doing strength training I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve always seen cardio, high reps and running as a challenge, and never really focused on those parts at all, unless it was for aesthetics. My “strength” training the past year was more in the direction of a lean body accompanied with a more calorie restricted diet, not really with any purpose at all. Just looking somewhat fit. That being said, this period has been much more enjoyable than when I was just focusing on the numbers and being stronger everyday. Because that also meant hitting the right macros. It takes time which I haven’t had much of lately. I think losing weight is a lot easier than gaining weight in the right way. Gaining requires a lot of counting calories and (for me) loosing weight can be as easy as cutting out egg yolks, fats and treats while increasing my protein intake. But remember, every body works differently! The main reason for this change is that the Spartan race is coming to Thailand in September and I’ll be joining it! I’ve just started Guava Pass again to try improve my cardio with HIIT classes and boot camps and wow, I’m in bad shape. I’m positive we’ll have some fun though and I’m actually quite excited for it! 3.5 months to go!

If you are thinking about joining the Spartan race, use my code “anitabye” when you sign up to get a better price.

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Exploring Bangkok’s historic riverside heritage

I was lucky enough to get chosen as one out of twenty bloggers to take part of the TAT Newsroom Blogger Campaign launch. We were divided in two separate groups exploring 3 sites each, starting from the Oriental pier on Bangkok’s riverside. Our first stop was the stunning East Asiatic building. This Venetian style building is one of the many buildings with European heritage scattered around Thailand. We actually got to enter the building as well which made the experience quite unique. Later on we walked over to Assumption cathedral, another beautiful building with European influence. It’s quite a sight, you wouldn’t expect to see a church like this in Bangkok.

1st. stop East Asiatic building. It used to be the headquarters in Thailand for the Dutch East Asiatic company, founded in 1897 and after over a century, today, is still going. The building was built in the 1901 in grand Venetian style to impress visitors from all over the world who arrived in Bangkok by ship. It’s hard to miss this building while touristing around on the Bangkok riverside. We were so lucky to be able to enter the building and explore!

bangkok's heritage

girl looking at bangkok heritage


girl looking out of window asiatic building bangkok heritage

assumtion cathedral bangkok

2nd stop, Assumption cathedral. This chruch feels very much like Europe. It’s a Romanesque building completed in 1919 and built for Bangkok’s Frebch catholic community. Unfortunately the original windows vere destroyed in World War ll, but have been replaced with new stained windows which has become quite famous.

tat newsroom blogger campaign assumption cathedral bangkok riverside

3rd stop- O.P. Place. This is where the tradition of air-conditioned shoppping started. Thank you! The building is beautiful and boast of a charming vibe and wooden details. Definitely worth a little visit, just for a look or for some high-end shopping.

Hands down the best roti I’ve had in Thailand. Not too sweet and so easy to eat. Mine disappeared in 10 seconds. If you are ever around the Mandarin Oriental, take a stroll down to the muslim community and try these delicious treats!

building of bangkoks heritage

East Asiatic building

You can imagine we were all drenched from walking around in the heat, so we were all excited to go to hang out at Bangkok’s first air-conditioned mall, O.P. Place. I rarely explore in this area and have never heard about this mall, but it was fun to see a mall with so much history. Curved wooden stairs leading you to a green elevator and a large chandelier in the center of the entrance, this Neo-classical style building was perfect for pictures. We also made a small visit to the muslim community and tried some amazing roti before walking over to Mango Tree restaurant for some talks and traditional Thai food. The main speaker,  Luc Citrinot made quite a good presentation about the Bangkok’s culture and heritage and has also made a map where you can locate all the European heritage sites along Thailand. There’s also an app called EUNIC for those of you who can’t get your hands on a map. We are already planning a little tour to go check out the sites. There are so many buildings we have yet to seen!

A big thanks to TAT Newsroom for organizing!


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