Reflections after my detox and stay at the LifeCo Phuket

I obtained some great results staying at the LifeCo. Not only did I feel healthier and more relaxed but I actually lost a couple of kilos as well. I’m well aware that a detox isn’t all about losing weight, but for me this was a good motivational factor to keep me going. It’s important to have something to keep you going while on a detox, especially if you haven’t done it before. Remember to always have an open mind when trying it- scepticism before visiting is normal and of course allowed, but don’t let it define you. Take it seriously for the period of stay. It’s not easy.



Loved the balcony view…


As I mentioned earlier I like the way LifeCo has built their premises and programs- they have everything you need on site, nutrition, activities (mandala painting, lifestyle lectures, yoga, meditation, sonic therapy, steam room, infrared saunas, massages, beach walks, food courses, excursions to markets ++), motivational staff, doctors, colon cleansing, library, IV treatments, bikes to get around the area. There isn’t many outside factors that are going to disturb you while you’re trying to focus on cleansing your body. You really don’t have to leave the LifeCo center at all to achieve great results.
girl walking detox lifeco phuket

There is plenty of programs you can take part of, daily, weekly or even monthly. Some people stay here for months. I think this is a great solution if you’re trying to get away from bad habits that you may have at home (drugs, alcohol, even sugar addiction!) You can discover your health and beauty for a day (for only 1600 baht) or you can stay there on a full detox program, (all inclusive, 405 EUR). The daily program is a taste of what the detox is about, you choose either health or beauty, one including Juice and a raw vegan meal + massage and the other a SAF-Raw meal and facial treatment. Both gives you access to the pool, sauna & steam room and live blood analysis & body composition. We went for the all-inclusive and stayed for 5 days. You can choose between a Master Detox, Green Juice Detox, Green Salad Detox, Ketogenic diet for cancer patients, low-calorie diet and anti-aging programs and Diabetes regulation programs. They have something that fits everyone- I would say it’s better to choose something after talking to the experts, unless you have a clear goal.



The last day we got to try out the low calorie program- here having some cottage cheese wrapped in beetroot with parsley dressing and probiotics and vitamins. It was nice to finally get to chew one something.


This raw salad tasted amazing- served with a Thai sesame dressing. I can’t believe it’s all healthy!


Cheese cake made out of coconut meat and coloured by butterfly peas. Surprisingly satisfying.

girl pool detox lifeco phuket

There’s pools everywhere around the facility.

The master detox regime (which is the fastest and recommended way to cleanse your body) included 5 daily vegetable juices + some fruit juice and bentonite clay. The rest was wheatgrass shots, lemon juice and Himalayan salt water. If you do crave something warm there is unlimited herbal tea and vegetable soup. But nothing to chew on as we want to relax our digestive system.

girl detox lifeco phuket with green juice

I wasn’t a big fan of having all my juices all the time… but you need to finish them all otherwise you will get hungry. I really like that the staff is so passionate about this- explaining to you why you need to have your drink, but also making sure you drink it. The area is not too big so they always know where you are, chilling the pool, having a yoga session, hanging out in your room- your drinks will be served in time.

girl detox lifeco phuket

I wasn’t a big fan of having all my juices all the time… but you need to otherwise you will get hungry and lethargic. I really like that the staff is so passionate about this- explaining to you why you need to have your drink, but also making sure you drink it. They will find you- either that be chilling by the pool, having a yoga session, hanging out in your room… your drinks will be served on time.


I think everyone should go for a detox once in a while or even once in their lives to cleanse their body from toxins from their daily life either that be food, chemicals, stress or a negative mind- or simply because you have an unhealthy lifestyle and need someone to guide you to a better path. The low-calorie diet has nice raw food and salads that could definitely help you lose some- or if you stay for a longer period many kilos. There are mostly people from 35+ that visit this center, you might need it more the older you get, but I would say it’s suitable for people from 25 and onwards aswell. I like the message the project manager and nutrition expert told me, that my body is the most precious and expensive thing I have, why would I fuel it with junk and toxins? Why not give it the best of the best- and always take care of it. Because you’re going to live in that body forever.


What’s special with this place is the people. They believe in what they do. They live and breathe for what they do. When you talk to them you get a genuine feeling that they want to help you and guide you to a better lifestyle. They emphasize on the life after the stay so you don’t bounce back unprepared to the life you had before. Staying at the LifeCo is a life lesson…



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Back to the 1900s at the Sofitel Luang Prabang

There’s many reasons why you should stay at The Sofitel whenever you have the opportunity. Good service, interior that is light on the eyes and remarkable service is just some of them.

The lobby. There’s bikes available at the hotel for free. Luang Prabang is small so you can get pretty much anywhere on a bike. There’s also a hotel shuttle during night time. You do not want to bike in Luang Prabang during night time, it gets pretty dark. We got lost in our own area, hehe.

Sofitel has my favourite beds- so soft you want to get out of bed. <3

Sofitel has my favourite beds- so soft you want to get out of bed. <3

girl reading in sofa pool villa sofitel luang prabang

decor sofitel luang prabang

girl putting on makeup sofitel luang prabang

The lighting is prefect for make-up. It’s any girls dream!

portrait girl sofitel luang prabang

girl holding hair sofitel luang prabang


couple pool villa sofitel luang prabang

We stayed at the pool villa with a spacious area to hang out, a beautiful green garden and a gorgeous purple tiled pool.

Sofitel Luang Prabang is located on Ban Mano a quiet residential quarter with walking and biking distance to the city centre. It’s a century old colonial mansion built in the 1900s as a French Governor’s residence and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I love the ideas and stories behind Sofitel’s hotels and décor, but this one wins. The entrance is like a portal back to Luang Prabang’s history with an enchanted setting, a beautiful garden, tent structures and lanterns. The rooms are spacious and as in any Sofitel they reek of luxury and comfort.

Which one is your favourite Sofitel hotel?




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How to make the perfect roadtrip with only 7 days in Norway

Our trip to Norway this summer was amazing. I think this is the first summer ever that we’ve travelled domestically during the whole holiday. We went on a one week road trip, exploring Norway’s beautiful scenery and camping sites (we stayed in our tent pretty much every night). We started in Levanger early in the morning to catch the sight of Trollstigen before it got dark. Unfortunately it was a bit foggy that day and we couldn’t enjoy the view from the top, but the drive was awesome. All the fog made it feel like we were a lot higher up than we were.

Beware of trolls!

Our goal was to reach Geiranger Camping so we could go on a fjord cruise the day after and we made it just before closing time. The road down to the city (Ørneveien) is crazy, so many turns and a crazy view!

Tom finally got to see his Seven sisters waterfalls too which was pretty amazing.

Tom finally got to see his Seven Sisters waterfalls, he’s been on about it for years hehe. It’s funny, for us Norwegians, Seven Sisters would be the mountain range in Bergen, but EVERY tourist relates to the waterfalls.

google maps route norway

Camping spots: Geiranger camping, Jostedal camping, Odda camping. All very nice and clean. We stopped by the supermarket and bought a disposable grill and had a bbq pretty much every night. So cosy!

The second day was spent driving to Jostedal camping. It was a bit of a detour as we wanted to join the ice trolls for some Glacier kayaking. They only offer their kayaking tour in Austdalsbreen, which was a bit out of the way we were going but it was totally worth it! It’s so pretty and clear you’re not going to believe it. The best part? Pretty much no tourists.


Crazy scenery during the glacier trekking!


12 km return to get to the glaciers. Pretty tough actually. Check out Icetroll for more adventures, they’re awesome!


Love <3


We drove straight to Bergen after the glacier walking and kayaking. I think we arrived at around 2 am… I was dead after all the driving. I’m also not a fan of driving through tunnels, and especially not during night-time when I’m sleepy. The drive to Bergen is full of tunnels! 


The Unesco World Heritage site Bryggen in the background.

We spent most of our time just walking around bryggen, eating seafood and window shopped. Bergen has such a nice summer vibe.


We went on the famous Fløybanen to watch the city from above. You can also walk if you want to.


girl on bridge in norway

Our last destination was  Odda. We stayed there for two days trying to catch good weather so we could walk up to Trolltunga, but our time never came. We still had an amazing time, and are already planning to do another road trip around Norway.

Borgund Stave church

Made a little pit stop at Borgund Stave church. It looks like something taken out of Lord Of The Rings!

girl bridging in Geiranger



Four things to bring on a road trip through during summer time:

Student ID will give you discounts while travelling around Norway.

Tent and sleeping gear, you can camp anywhere in Norway, but… I still stop at camping sites and pay the fee, it’s safer and you’ll have access to showers and toilets.

Trekking boots and runners, you’ll need the boots for tougher terrain and glacier walking, but you want something lighter like runners or normal shoes for daytime walks in the city.

Rain clothes and layers, even if you’re going during summer time, this is Norway, so expect to wear lots of clothes.


TIPS:  if you are under 26 years, Norwegian offers some great youth deals within Norway. Use the code UNDER26 at checkout and you will find tickets at only 399kr each way. SAS has a similar deal for 499kr. It’s pretty sweet when you’re booking last minute. 




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Bhu Nga Thani and private pool villa fun

We had the most amazing stay at Bhu Nga Thani in Krabi. I would give it a 100% overall score. The place is clean and beautiful and the staff super adorable and helpful. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful hotels on Railay beach.
couple selfie pool villa

girl watching the view

This is the view from the East side of Krabi… No beach, but beautiful nature and Mangrove forests…

The hotel is located right next to Railay princess on Railay East side meaning it will be just at the end of the walkway that connects with the beach. It’s also right where the East side pier to Ao Nang is, so you get to chill at your hotel right until departure.

The view gets even prettier as the sun sets and the restaurant is placed right on the edge, meaning you can stare right into the deep for as long as you need to, hehe! The view is partly covered by longtail boats and mangrove trees which is picture perfect if you ask me.

girl in pool krabi

Loved the private pool and outside area!

The hotel is just stunning!

girl stretching pool villa bhu nga thani

If you walk even further along the East side of Railay there’s many restaurants and bars all ranged from backpacker style to luxury. They even have a super delicious pizza restaurant and many friendly reggae bars. If you walk even further into the woods there’s also nice night hangouts but keep in mind that you will need to cover yourself completely in mosquito repellent.

birthday girl and cake in bed

Birthday girl!! Someone “forgot” to bring make-up for the trip, hehehe 😀

handsome man looking outside

The view from the bed overlooking the pool area

girl sitting next to pool with flower in her hair

Honeymoon cocktail

Cocktails with a view… this was their honeymoon cocktail and came with the room. So tasty!

The overall experience of the hotel will still be the same even if you go for the normal rooms, but if you want to make the most of it- I would recommend you to book the pool villa. We had the best time there! And OMG, the bed was super soft. There’s (obviously) a private pool but also a nicely sized jacuzzi to play around in and not to mention the nice inside and outside area to chill. It’s so worth it.

I’ll definitely stay here again during next visit.


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Krabi here we come

Hotels booked for Krabi. I’m already dying to go back.I think Krabi is of my top 3 places in Thailand. I love the combination of beach time and activities and especially the fact that they have so many climbing spots. Not to talk about all the photo opportunities. I can’t wait to watch the sunsets or the sunrise and I’m not planning to miss any while there. We booked the Sand Sea resort which looks pretty sweet and has great reviews. I love that it’s located right on the beach. For the second night we booked Bhu Nga Thani. It’s also located pretty close to the sea, but looks newer and offers more view than the first one. Can’t wait to share with you guys!


three girls flexing on the beach

My Krabi crew 2014 <3 at Railay beach

two girls on a boat

three girls kayaking

three girls doing yoga in the sunset

three girls on the beach

girls in fron of lime stone cliff

two girls on the beach

Poda island doens’t have a lot happening, but makes the best photos! Turquoise waters and clear blue skies…

two girsl on beach wearing bikini

We also booked our trips to Norway in July and are flying with Thai airways. Two and a half week of Europe summer. So excited! We might try to book a couple of small trips around Europe too, depending on the weather back home.

Now I’m off to the gym again. 2 weeks until we go… seriously, I want my old body back ‘till then!
Unfortunately we’re having an after work at the office today. I’m skipping the beers and wine, but I can’t say no to pizza, hehe.

See you guys soon!



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The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation

The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation is founded by Anantara golden triangle camp and Four seasons tented camps. The camp was primarily set up to help elephants, but after a visit there you can see that they are contributing with so much more. Helping out the locals, and especially mahouts all over Thailand together with their wives and families. I’ve always seen mahouts walking along the streets of Bangkok, trying to get people to buy overpriced bananas off them to feed the elephants. In my mind I’ve always looked at these guys as bad and that they have no right to have an elephant by their side doing things like that. In my mind, I always saw this as people who had acquired elephants as pets trying to earn money…Needless to say, I’m being prejudice and are pulling everyone under one comb…  After visiting the elephant camp, I’ve realized that many of these mahouts are just trying to keep themselves and their elephants alive, doing what they know best.

girl playing with elephant in chiang mai

This baby loves sunflower seeds!!

You have to keep in mind that these guys might not even have an education, they grew up with their parents taking care of their elephants, so that’s pretty much all they know. At some point they just couldn’t afford feeding their elephants nor themselves anymore and were forced to seek other options. The Elephant foundation has helped loads of elephant villages around Thailand providing the kids with proper education and the wives with work and income instead of just sitting at home. Most of elephant stuff you see in the Anantara Golden Triangle hotel is made by the wives of the mahouts. They also sell some at their camp. Beautiful jewelry and silk scarf made out of butterfly cocoons. Obviously they also provide work for the mahouts and their elephants making it a great little community.

It makes me so happy when I see a place where the humans and animals seem to be working together and actually care about each other. That’s how the world should be… Elephants should have space in the wild and not in some circus tent or a little field. That goes for a lot of other animals too. It costs over 15.000 USD early to keep an elephant fed and healthy, so if you would like to make a contribution check out helping elephants. Or even if you just want to get more educated about the elephants or see other of their amazing projects. <3




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