The perfect sunset in Pai

girl at yoma hotel in pai wearing a bikini during sunset

handsome man at yoma hotel pai

Who’s this handsome guy…

pool at yoma hotel pai

Loved chilling by the pool area, the view is perfect overlooking the hills and rice fields.

girl in bikini at yoma hotel pai

Get one of these private villas in the background, you’ll get a clear view of the sunrise in the morning <3

couple kissing pai yoma hotel

couple at sunset looking into eachoters eyes yoma hotel pai

//Bikini-H&M//Swimmers-Thomas Royall//

couple at sunset at yoma hotel pai

girl in bikini at yoma hotel pai

This photo is taken at Pai Island Hotel a 2 minute walk from Yoma Hotel. Seriously, go there to have a cup of single bean coffee. I had a cappuccino and it was the smoothest one ever.

The first night during our time in Pai we stayed at Yoma Hotel located only 5 minutes away from the city center. The view is stunning and the pool is located in a perfect position to chill and watch the sunrise or just gaze at the beautiful view.  The lighting  is perfect for photos during sundown to catch the flares, amazing! As you can see we totally took advantage of this, oops. I opted for the villa as it had more privacy and a clear view. I also loved the glass balcony doors in the morning. Open the curtains and watch the sunrise over the mist from your bed.  All the rooms have a nice outside area so even if you don’t want to spend the extra, Yoma Hotel is a great choice. It’s also only a 2 minute walk to Pai Island Resort which is picture perfect!

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Exploring Siem Reap and Angkor in only one day

I had a friend from back home visiting me for the past two weeks. I knew she wanted to see something new, as she had been in Thailand a couple of times before. It did not take me long to convince her to come to Cambodia with me. Ah- actually there was no convincing at all! I love how some of my friends are so adventurous and spontaneous! I also quickly managed to get Espen and Tom to join us on the journey too. It was great fun. I had never planned a trip over to Cambodia on my own before. There are loads of tips online already and it’s pretty straight forward. We spent a total of 15USD each to get from Bangkok to Siem Reap. Which I would say is quite affordable.

When crossing the boarder you’ll see loads of casino’s. Thai’s love to come here for a one day trip to gamble as gambling is illegal back home in Thailand.

We started in Bangkok at 6.20 in the morning leaving from Makkasan Railway station. Guys- make sure to emphasize that you want to be taken to the railway station and not the airport link. We even spoke to the driver in Thai and he still took us there. It took a lot of explaining for him to take us to Makkasan as he ended up taking us to the Klong Tan Railway station. (We later found out that the train stopped there too so he wasn’t wrong). Just be on your way to the station early. The train costs 48 baht (free for Thai’s) and takes you to Aranyaprathet or อรัญประเทศ,  not far from the boarder to Poipet. A little insider’s tip is to get on in Hua Lamphong station. The train departs earlier from there but at least there might be a chance that you guys get to sit together. There are no numbered seats and they never sell out so be prepared to have to stand for an hour. Many people get off in the outskirts og Bangkok. So don’t worry. We had the pleasure of sitting with this cute lady and man from Sa Kaeo exchanging life stories.. It was nice. We also later got accompanied with a wonderful lady from Cambodia. I promised to meet her exactly one year from now on the train to come and chill at her place, ha-ha.

Beautiful Angkor Wat reflections

You can take a tuktuk to the boarder for almost nothing, then mini bus, bus or taxi from the boarder to Siem Reap. There will be a free shuttle bus waiting for you at the border. Whatever they advise you, go on a taxi. (48USD) It’s much faster and you don’t have to be bombarded with tuk tuk drivers to take you to the hotel once you touch down in Siem Reap. We took the mini bus as we bumped into another traveller on the road and didn’t want her to have to travel alone. Let’s just say the tuktuk driver in Siem Reap ripped us off!

The temples of Angkor is unreal!

Hahaha our friend photo!

Angkor Wat was beautiful. We went for the sunrise and it was amazing. We hired a tuktuk for the day (i’ll leave his contact on the bottom- this guys service is great, and he will not rip you off) for 25 USD. The TukTuk will pick you up at your hotel at 5am so you have plently of time to find a good spot. A good reminder is to get your tickets to Angkor the day before so you don’t have to line up in the morning. The price is 20USD for a day pass and grants you access to all the temples.

It was so nice to watch the many faces of Bayon, too bad this temple was overly crowded by tourists.

bayon temple angkor

See what I mean?

It looks like we had the temple for ourselves 55

We only stopped at Bayon temple, Ta Prohm (the temple from Tomb Raider) and Angkor Wat the rest we just cruised by, as we were a bit scarce on time. We spent 7 hours in total exploring the grounds on Angkor and I must honestly admit I wish I had more. Beforehand I was thinking we would be tired after only two. However, the area is huge and there are so many nice photo ops!


One of the several insane trees around Ta Prohm.

FoodCeption of some of the amazing food we got to cosume in Cabodia.

We also had time for some chilling in the pub street and I obviously fell in love with their draft beers and prices. 50 cent for a pint hello?! They also have so many good things to eat, Cambodian and Western! We made sure to only fill our stomachs with Khmer food though… although we did stop for one of the best gelatos I’ve ever tasted! Make sure to visit Gelato lab if you go there!

girl pub street siem reap cambodia

We stayed at Villa OK 1, which had a great vibe and location. The staff was nice too. We paid around 400 baht each for a private room with six beds so it could have been even lower if we went more people. There are loads of cheaper accommodations but we wanted to pick something we were sure was going to work out. It had so many great review.

A n g k o r W a t you beauty!

To make the most of our time we decided to stay in Siem reap until the afternoon. So we had to take a taxi all the way back to Bangkok. It was all a breeze. 48 USD to the boarded in Poipet and then 58 USD from Poipet to our place in Bangkok. Divide that by four and you can say we paid 29 USD to get back home. That’s still a bargain! Obviously, it would save a lot more time to fly, but the prices was so high now as this trip was spontaneous. That being said I quite enjoyed the feeling of this trip and it was so cool to ride the train through Thailand. It was painful to sleep but hey- it was an experience. I definitely think I would do it again.

Contact for TukTuk and other Services:

Sithel Lim

e-mail sithellem84@gmail.com

Ok then- I hope I set a spark to your wanderlust fuse now. See ya later! <3


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Staycation at the SO Sofitel Bangkok

I had the pleasure of staying at the So Sofitel Bangkok. It was an amazing experience from beginning to to end. I can’t emphasize enough how much I love the way Sofitel makes every visit an experience, better yet an adventure. It always starts off walking into a lobby with a concept you’ve never seen before, with a signature welcome drink- most of the time it’s something you’ve never tasted before or just a whole new way of drinking something you already know.


Love how they have played with the shadows here. They spend time of every little detail.

girl looking outside window so sofitel bangkok

Check out this amazing view! Who knew Bangkok could look so green?

We stayed at the wood element room on 17th floor overlooking Lumpini park, which is one of the most popular elements in the hotel next to metal.  The high-rise property blends a mosaic of materials that give a contemporary high-tech look while at the same time appearing accessible and inviting. It’s architecture was designed by Smith Obayawat a leading figure in the association of Siamese Architects. As creative as the architecture is the interior design, SO Sofitel Bangkok offeres themed accommodation created around the five elements inspired by Lumpini Park. Water, Earth, Wood, Metal and Fire. Every element has a unique style and layout, and are all designed by five different Thai designers- making every stay at the SO Sofitel a new experience.

so sofitel bangkok room details

Wood Element- SO Cosy.

girl lying on bed so sofitel bangkok

Soft beds that makes you want to stay in bed all day!

so sofitel bangkok room details

Earth element, I like how every room is different.


Art exhibition showcasing the five elements- fire, water, earth, metal and wood.


The winner of the art contest. How can a student make something like this? amazing.

Walking around the hotel you will see art everywhere- every corner, roof and floors are covered with something to fit the current theme of the hotel. There is also annually art exhibitions, this year they held a competition and let students from Bangkok compete for the top three to have their art shown at the hotel.


Every type of yoghurt you can dream of!


The world kitchen and the big Red Oven- hence the name of the restaurant.

Living in Bangkok and being a breakfast person, I have tried many breakfast buffets around the city, but had to try the breakfast at the Red Oven. If you have ever stayed at a SO Sofitel or even Sofitel hotel you know you are in for a nice breakfast. However, there is something extra with the Red Oven. The beautiful fire element and red interior plays a big part in making it a nice experience, but the selection of food is just amazing. I understand why it’s also called the world kitchen. You have all the usual stuff, but better quality. Then you have ice creams, all sorts of energizing drinks and snacks, not only seasonal fruits from Thailand but from all over the world, yummy pastries (I never eat pastries/desserts from breakfast buffets). Moreover, the cheese selection? On point! It’s one of those buffets you never want to leave, so make sure you wake up early.

girl sofitel so bangkok

I loved my staycation at the SO Sofitel, even if I was in my own hometown I really felt like I was far away on a holiday. They have everything you need at the hotel.  A chocolate bar in the lobby with an all you can eat chocolate buffet after lunch time, there’s different restaurants and bars to choose from, an amazing infinity pool overlooking the city, the best SPA in Bangkok, a roof top bar with a killer skyline view… Just walking around the hotel and exploring is an adventure on its own.

girl mixxo bar so sofitel bangkok

I’ll be here every Monday for some Mojito madness.

girl next to pool bangkok

This is where the pool party is held, overlooking Bangkok city.

Talking about the crazy pool venue and sun deck SO Sofitel Bangkok hosts a pool party at the end of every month. I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s so much fun! Another new thing that I’ve learned is that every Monday there is a Mojito madness going on at MIXO bar. There’s an all you can drink Mojitos from 7-9pm. They are super delicious… I tried them all…

girl wearing red at skybar bangkok

View from Park Society at night. Perfect for some romantic late night drinks.

Thanks to Sofitel for hosting me at the SO Sofitel Bangkok!



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Reflections after my detox and stay at the LifeCo Phuket

I obtained some great results staying at the LifeCo. Not only did I feel healthier and more relaxed but I actually lost a couple of kilos as well. I’m well aware that a detox isn’t all about losing weight, but for me this was a good motivational factor to keep me going. It’s important to have something to keep you going while on a detox, especially if you haven’t done it before. Remember to always have an open mind when trying it- scepticism before visiting is normal and of course allowed, but don’t let it define you. Take it seriously for the period of stay. It’s not easy.



Loved the balcony view…


As I mentioned earlier I like the way LifeCo has built their premises and programs- they have everything you need on site, nutrition, activities (mandala painting, lifestyle lectures, yoga, meditation, sonic therapy, steam room, infrared saunas, massages, beach walks, food courses, excursions to markets ++), motivational staff, doctors, colon cleansing, library, IV treatments, bikes to get around the area. There isn’t many outside factors that are going to disturb you while you’re trying to focus on cleansing your body. You really don’t have to leave the LifeCo center at all to achieve great results.
girl walking detox lifeco phuket

There is plenty of programs you can take part of, daily, weekly or even monthly. Some people stay here for months. I think this is a great solution if you’re trying to get away from bad habits that you may have at home (drugs, alcohol, even sugar addiction!) You can discover your health and beauty for a day (for only 1600 baht) or you can stay there on a full detox program, (all inclusive, 405 EUR). The daily program is a taste of what the detox is about, you choose either health or beauty, one including Juice and a raw vegan meal + massage and the other a SAF-Raw meal and facial treatment. Both gives you access to the pool, sauna & steam room and live blood analysis & body composition. We went for the all-inclusive and stayed for 5 days. You can choose between a Master Detox, Green Juice Detox, Green Salad Detox, Ketogenic diet for cancer patients, low-calorie diet and anti-aging programs and Diabetes regulation programs. They have something that fits everyone- I would say it’s better to choose something after talking to the experts, unless you have a clear goal.



The last day we got to try out the low calorie program- here having some cottage cheese wrapped in beetroot with parsley dressing and probiotics and vitamins. It was nice to finally get to chew one something.


This raw salad tasted amazing- served with a Thai sesame dressing. I can’t believe it’s all healthy!


Cheese cake made out of coconut meat and coloured by butterfly peas. Surprisingly satisfying.

girl pool detox lifeco phuket

There’s pools everywhere around the facility.

The master detox regime (which is the fastest and recommended way to cleanse your body) included 5 daily vegetable juices + some fruit juice and bentonite clay. The rest was wheatgrass shots, lemon juice and Himalayan salt water. If you do crave something warm there is unlimited herbal tea and vegetable soup. But nothing to chew on as we want to relax our digestive system.

girl detox lifeco phuket with green juice

I wasn’t a big fan of having all my juices all the time… but you need to finish them all otherwise you will get hungry. I really like that the staff is so passionate about this- explaining to you why you need to have your drink, but also making sure you drink it. The area is not too big so they always know where you are, chilling the pool, having a yoga session, hanging out in your room- your drinks will be served in time.

girl detox lifeco phuket

I wasn’t a big fan of having all my juices all the time… but you need to otherwise you will get hungry and lethargic. I really like that the staff is so passionate about this- explaining to you why you need to have your drink, but also making sure you drink it. They will find you- either that be chilling by the pool, having a yoga session, hanging out in your room… your drinks will be served on time.


I think everyone should go for a detox once in a while or even once in their lives to cleanse their body from toxins from their daily life either that be food, chemicals, stress or a negative mind- or simply because you have an unhealthy lifestyle and need someone to guide you to a better path. The low-calorie diet has nice raw food and salads that could definitely help you lose some- or if you stay for a longer period many kilos. There are mostly people from 35+ that visit this center, you might need it more the older you get, but I would say it’s suitable for people from 25 and onwards aswell. I like the message the project manager and nutrition expert told me, that my body is the most precious and expensive thing I have, why would I fuel it with junk and toxins? Why not give it the best of the best- and always take care of it. Because you’re going to live in that body forever.


What’s special with this place is the people. They believe in what they do. They live and breathe for what they do. When you talk to them you get a genuine feeling that they want to help you and guide you to a better lifestyle. They emphasize on the life after the stay so you don’t bounce back unprepared to the life you had before. Staying at the LifeCo is a life lesson…



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Back to the 1900s at the Sofitel Luang Prabang

There’s many reasons why you should stay at The Sofitel whenever you have the opportunity. Good service, interior that is light on the eyes and remarkable service is just some of them.

The lobby. There’s bikes available at the hotel for free. Luang Prabang is small so you can get pretty much anywhere on a bike. There’s also a hotel shuttle during night time. You do not want to bike in Luang Prabang during night time, it gets pretty dark. We got lost in our own area, hehe.

Sofitel has my favourite beds- so soft you want to get out of bed. <3

Sofitel has my favourite beds- so soft you want to get out of bed. <3

girl reading in sofa pool villa sofitel luang prabang

decor sofitel luang prabang

girl putting on makeup sofitel luang prabang

The lighting is prefect for make-up. It’s any girls dream!

portrait girl sofitel luang prabang

girl holding hair sofitel luang prabang


couple pool villa sofitel luang prabang

We stayed at the pool villa with a spacious area to hang out, a beautiful green garden and a gorgeous purple tiled pool.

Sofitel Luang Prabang is located on Ban Mano a quiet residential quarter with walking and biking distance to the city centre. It’s a century old colonial mansion built in the 1900s as a French Governor’s residence and is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I love the ideas and stories behind Sofitel’s hotels and décor, but this one wins. The entrance is like a portal back to Luang Prabang’s history with an enchanted setting, a beautiful garden, tent structures and lanterns. The rooms are spacious and as in any Sofitel they reek of luxury and comfort.

Which one is your favourite Sofitel hotel?




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