Getting fit with Guava Pass

After the Under Armour challenge I realized how my stamina has decreased since I started doing only weightlifting. Don’t get me wrong. I love lifting and I love the result it gives you…aesthetically. But I just don’t feel like I’m pushing any boundaries and improving on any other parts than my strength. So, from now on, I want to combine what I love with some things I love less to better myself. I haven’t decided quite what I want to do on the side yet, which makes the next thing I’m going to talk about; the perfect option.




girl_crop_top_manasoda_bangkokThe Guava pass!! You can try out pretty much every gym in Bangkok with the pass, and there are so many different classes to choose from. So far we’ve been to hot yoga, Muay Thai yoga, raw strength classes and even golf sessions. Safe to say we’ve had nothing but fun! Well.. except me having a bad trip during the hot yoga. Note to myself, don’t go first thing in the morning, and go after a day where you’ve been well hydrated and have had something to eat beforehand hehe. I can’t wait to try out all the new things this pass has to offer, and I seriously recommend everyone to get on it even if it’s just for a month to get some variation to your exercise program or just to find out what you like.




Anantara elephant camp



This little fella came to see us and get some treats during breakfast


Amazing restaurant view


Solid breakkie ❤️

We’re chillin at the Anantara elephant camp up north in Chiang Rai. I’ll update you all about this heavenly place later. But for now we’re off to the Golden Triangle, Chang Saen and a little trip to the elephant camp to see all the beautiful elephants. ❤️🐘


Purple Thursday

Put together this colourful outfit the other day. Not something I would usually wear, but definitely suitable for a couple of night time drinks. I love this purple top I found at Cotton On. I was going to get black or white…as usual… but thought it was time for something different. They’re actually getting a lot of nice clothes there. Even their gym collection! Weird sizes though. Also I’ve finally found a normal white skirt from Forever21 that I didn’t have to do any adjustments or putting extra layers in to not be see through. Last but not least, my new bag from Charles&Keith. Got it while we were in Singapore and I’m in love. I’ll make up any excuse to wear it. Too bad it’s white and already starting to get stained. 🙁





I seem to be counting down to the weekend every week now. It goes surprisingly fast after Tuesday is passed. I never understood the value of Weekend until I had to work on a schedule. One more day to go! Ticket booked for Buriram and Surin this weekend. Nok Air please don’t cancel on me… I’ve also booked tickets to Chiang Rai for the Easter holiday. First time we’re flying with Thai smile.  I’m very curious about this one, as I normally love Thai airways. We’ll be staying at the Anantara golden triangle. So excited for more nature and calm surrounding!!




Best shake recipe EVER

I’ve finally managed to find a way to not let the shitty flavoured protein ruin my lunch shake. There was a new years sale on VX protein on Fitwhey, where I could get 15 lbs of protein for only 3700 baht, how could I resist that? Btw, they still have that sale… no wonder. So, I’ve pretty much been stuck dreading my shakes. It doesn’t help that the protein makes you super bloated either. Tom had also bought a 10 lb bag from ripped freak beforehand which also sucked. I now know I should stick to Dymatize and Musclepharm. Ewww. So I’ve been experimenting on making a yummy shake from this, and only now… when there’s only a couple of lbs left I got it. I gotta add that I’ve started adding spirulina to our shakes as well and it makes it taste like algae or something. So that flavour had to go too. I always make the shake for both me and Tom so, what I’ve added today is:

  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Handful of frozen strawberries
  • 3 scoops of vx protein chocolate flavour
  • 3 tbs greek yoghurt
  • 2 tsp spirulina
  • ½ banana

And as much water as you please to reach the right consistency suited yourself. I like mine not to thin nor thick so I added 4 dl.

girl flexing studio

Haha, this photo is ridic. My go get your shake face!