Walking along the streets of Oslo

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

There’s something special about walking along the streets of Oslo during summer time. You can hear children laughing and see families sitting in the sun eating food, drinking wine and having unlimited amounts of ice cream. People finally get to wear their skirts and short sleeves that has been tucked away in the closet for ¾ of the year.  In that moment you realize just how precious summer time is for everyone in Norway.

girl walking around in Oslo

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

There’s endless amounts of great places to eat in Oslo, but if you’re ever in the area please have some charcoal grilled burgers and beers at Illegal burger and also if you still have room for more food: the best Kebab in history (I’m not kidding) at Bislett Kebab House. Another must is to visit the 22 July Information Center. It’s located in the high-rise building in the government centre where the horrible bombings started on the 22 july 2011 and displays the timeline from that day. There’s also a room dedicated to the 77 victims. It’s very emotional but worth the visit.

Is Oslo on your bucketlist?




Countdown for Noway!!!

I’m beyond excited for our trip to Norway. I think we’ve got everything planned so far. We are going from 6th to the 24th of July and are mainly focusing of travelling around Norway. There are so many nice places to visit, and since I’ve taken Tom to the North a couple of times now I thought the South would be a nice change for the summer.


These pics are from our last trip to Lofoten <3



We’re going to drive down to Åndalsnes to see the famous Trollstigen and Trollveggen. After that we are heading to Geiranger to do some fjord sightseeing. We are also going to try to do some kayaking next to the glaciers around Jostedalsbreen and maybe visit Stryn and see some lakes on the way. Then we’re doing a long drive down to Bergen and Odda to trek the Trolltunga. It’s going to be around 27 hours of driving on this trip so that’s going to be interesting. Agh, I can’t wait to see some beautiful nature and scenery and camp and chill out in cabins around Norway. That’s truly one of the best things to do there during summer times. If we do have the time I think we will try to drive through Lom on the way and trek Galdhøpiggen as well!
We’re also spending a couple of days in Oslo at the end of our trip and are going to try to time it for a  beer tasting event. I also really want to take Tom to Tusenfryd my favourite place during my childhood.

The last time we went during winter, we visited Lofoten and had only 4 hours where the sun was out. Can you imagine that? The sun was rising at 9 am and set at 1 pm. This time we’ll get to hang out in the midnight sun. <3

Have you ever been to Norway? What’s your favourite place?




Reasons to go to Norway

Bye bye Norway it’s time for me to leave and be off to New york! I’m pretty sure I will never settle in Norway, but I always get sad when I have to leave. Lately I’ve only gone for under a week when I’ve headed home but normally I go for 4-7 weeks and I still feel down when I go. I don’t know if it’s because I’ll miss the food, or being able to walk around in fresh air and nature or if it’s simply the tought of not staying at home with my family in my childhood bed where I sometimes feel like I belong.  I think it’s the last part.

Pizza is my favourite food and Orion in Levanger has the best one on this planet. I love love love theit garlic and bernaise sauce !!


If you ever go to Oslo make sure you visit Bislett kebab. It’s oh so yummy and cheap. This one is from Levanger and I was super happy to find out they changed owner as this new place made a proper kebab!! It was a 100 krones though…


Mmm, Norwegian ice cream sandwish makes the summer complete. I’ve tried the Häagen-Dazs one in Thsiland, and NO the “bread” is not supposed to be crispy!!


Norwegian nature. If you ever visit Norway make sure you get to see as much nature as possible. The air is so fresh and clears your mind and soul. No kidding.


Trekking in Norway is a must. If it’s winter time you might have to switch with some cross-country skiing as the tracks might be fully covered with snow.


Pepsi Max is best in Norway… just ask ANYONE.


This trip I’ve been doing most of the things Norways is known for, enjoying the beautiful nature and eating amazing food, candies and other treats…I’m already up by 2 kilos so I’m scared to see what New York brings.

Talk to you real soon! Xx


Greater heights

I’ve been dying to go climbing for ages but it’s hard to make time back in Bangkok. We used to go to Bangna pretty often before and ended up buying most of the equipment needed for wall climbing on a trip to Kiel last year. Climbing equipment  is so cheap there! We got brands like La Sportiva and Black Diamond while we were there and I think it was around 30%+ cheaper than Norway. In Thailand… we just couldn’t find anything, and also I’m pretty sure it would be even more expensive than Norway as most of the imported goods are.

I think it all started back in Levanger on this climbing wall. I tried it out with my aunt and cousins a couple of years ago and just fell in love with the sport. It’s so much fun and there’s always a new challenge. I normally go on until I just can’t grip anymore. I’m super grateful  my aunt is so sporty and into climbing otherwise I wouldn’t have had access to the wall back in the days and also that she would let me belay on the first day. Me and Tom have our own card back in Thailand too but back there we don’t climb and mount the top rope by ourself, if’s already up, so it’s much easier. Also the wall is a lot shorter.

This route was though! I’m pretty tall but I still had to make a jump here.

It’s still really good though and I will be using it again when I’m back  once we’ve moved again and are getting settled. Until then I’ll just stick to the gym…if you are into climbing go check out their page Rock Domain on facebook.


bae ❤️

Talking about climbing and Thailand, please go to Railay beach and climb. It’s so pretty and chill and just so much fun to climb there. I only did half days as we increased the difficulty after every climb and my grip just dies after a while. It doesn’t matter how big the grips are…


Belaying happening. Can’t believe she trusts me…jk


I used the company Railay rock climbing and they were at that time (February 2014) located right at the beginning of walking street.


I’m a SLOW rope collector

Are you into climbing?


Oh, Norwegian Nature

girl trekking in stokkvola norway wearing nike walking a dog

Don’t mind the T… I didn’t didn’t bring any gym tops when I went so this had to do.

Beautiful view from Stokkvola

Beautiful view from Stokkvola

tibetan spaniel in norway

My besties cute Tibetan Spaniel, she is so sweet and loves to go for long walks, hehe.

I love norwegian nature and being able to trek every single day during summer months. The weather is just perfect for it. Chilled, but still great for shorts and t-shirts. I sometimes complain about it, but I’m so lucky to live in Levanger, having to drive max 30 minutes for a nice walk in the mountains or go swimming in the lake at the cabin. Even during winter months we can go cross country skiing without having to go too far. Although I’m more of a downhill skier… hehe.

Can’t wait for winter months in Thailand, where I will definitely try to do Phu Kradung and Doi Angkhang this year if time allows me.

Talking about winter months, it’s been so hot lately I’m sometimes dreading to make the trek to work. I wish I could walk there without being drenched in sweat every day, haha.

I never bother putting on makeup or wearing nice clothes to work, either because I’m lazy when it comes to dressing up, or just because of the weather. I love how every time my colleagues wants to for after work they need to remind me to not show up in gym clothes to work. But seriously, how chill is it to get to wear whatever you want.


Home sweet home

girl in the quare at levanger norway

So happy that the sun was out for the few days I was home. The weather has been terrible in Norway so far…

girl eating ice cream in levanger norway

Managed to drag my little cus to get ice cream with strawberry sprinkles, I haven’t had it since I was in primary school and it is sooo soo good!! <3

girl wearing nike sneakers and hoodie in levanger norway

//Shirt-Forever21//Shorts-nike//Shoes-Nike//wristband-Fitbit//Sunglasses-Ray ban//

girl at levanger train station in norway wearing sneakers and hoodie

Levanger train station in the background, if you ever come this way you know what to look for, hehe. Get a ticket at NSB and come see me and Tom next month!

I’m sorry haven’t been connected, I’ve just been really busy with school and travelling. As I mentioned earlier I went on a one week trip to Norway and it was just amazing. It was raining the first day I arrived but the rest was filled with fun and sun! Was so great to catch up with family and friends again. I was pretty much hanging with my dearest every second (for real) as I only had about 5 days at home in little Levanger. So as you can see, it’s a valid reason for not updating the blog.  The main reason I had to go was to take my exams so it was a lot of back and forth with flights but all worth it. I also got to go to my primary school reunion and it was quite nice to see everyone all grown up, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years already. I will never book a last minute trip like that ever again, especially when I know I have to be there at certain dates no matter what. It was crazy expensive and the trip took 30++ hours each way. Blah. At least we have booked all our trips for September, so I can finally share that me and Tom are going to Norway, New York, Amsterdam, London and Spain in one month. I’m so excited!!

What have you been up to this summer? xx