Hello from Norway

couple at pulpit rock stavanger

Preikestolen aka. Pulpit rock in Stavanger. Too scared to go for our regular leapkiss pose, hehe.

Hello from Norway you all! We’ve been home for almost 10 days and I’m loving it. So great to be back home during the summer. We’ve had some rain, but the moments of sun has made me forget all about it. We started off in Oslo to visit friends and family there, followed by a flight to Stavanger to hike up to Pulpit rock. We were so lucky with the weather. Now we’re in my hometown Levanger, in lovely Trønderlag.  I leave you all with this photo for now and promise to make a small “how to travel Norway” post for you guys before we leave to London on Wednesday! See yas! <3

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Gold and all that sparkles

businesscard bangkok

Love this gold design, it goes perfectly with my logo!

personalized business card bangkok

So pretty, I haven some of them as decoration next to my desk, hehe…

design business cards bangkok

Just received my new business cards from Gogo print and I love them! The material is great compared to the normal ones you buy from your neighbourhood shop and you can design them with one of the agents on the site comfortably from home. The price isn’t much different either. I went for the thicker style with rounded corner and glossy matt surface. They also have loads of other products on their site like invitations, postcards, leaflets, stickers and more, perfect for entrepreneurs who wants to save some time. Easy, fast, convenient. They can make you whatever you can think of, or even help you find out what you need along the way. Check out Gogo print here, they deliver all over Thailand!

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5 new faves!

This weekend was all about chilling, after being sick the whole week I finally felt better and had my voice back on Friday. Luckily I don’t work on Fridays so we went to the Wow market at K-Village to get some good stuff to eat. I think food markets are my favourite type of market ever.

I’ve never been an açaí bowl fanatic, but knowing about the health benefits of the super berry itself, there is no reason not to jump on the “mainstream” wagon. Also it tastes great, and sometimes making a smoothie bowl at home- and especially being able to get your hands on some acai pulp here in Bangkok is hard. I would say this is my new favourite breakfast/lunch item. You can find them at Vita Cafe in Sukhumvit soi 23.

Wearing my wrist watch form Daniel Wellington.

This kid…

K Village is one of the few “malls” where you can bring your pet along without any hassle.

I’m a sucker for lemonade on warm summer days, and this place seriously has the best lemonade I’ve had in Thailand so far. Taste so fresh and not sweet at all. I got the honey lemon, but they have loads of different flavours. You can find them here.

Use my code “anita17” for a 15% discount! I have the Classic Petite Bondi 32m.

Best burger in Bangkok if you take value for money into consideration. 150 baht for a beef burger filled with their signature sauce, bacon, crispy onion ring and homemade bread. Find out where they are heading next.

On Saturday we went to The Movement Playground for some Spartan training. If you are looking to brush up on strength and technical skills this is THE place to go. I think we all agreed that this was one of our most favourite workouts for the Spartan so far. If it wasn’t so far away from where I live I would definitely sign up. So.. if you are living in Bangna area, check it out! We also went to check out the Neon Market in the evening and it’s quite nice and not too crowded. I had expected a little bit more due to the hype earlier this year, but the food and drink selection are good. Today was all about reading and I also went to the dentist again… agh, I really want this root canal to be over. Just one more visit!

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Hi there!

Some yummy new cocktails coming to Casa Azul soon!

Gosh, I feel like every 3rd post is about me not having blogged for a while. I have no idea what’s going on. I guess I haven’t been doing much of the fancy stuff as I used to back in the days… and whenever I do experience something new I just want to enjoy my privacy and time on my own and not bringing up the camera.  I feel like I’m in a place in my life where I just want to take the time to do the things I want to do for myself… not spending time on getting dressed, putting on makeup or snap photos of everything that I do or eat… and just be. That might sound weird, but I think that’s what’s going on here… so, for the time coming, you might not see much of me here or on Instagram for that matter. Is this what it feels like turning 25? Hehe, I’ll try to be better, but I’m not promising anything. But once we fly out and explore next month, I promise you guys to connect more with you too. I also bit into something the other day and have been experiencing some serious toothache and the dentist just told me that I needed a root canal because of this. I’ve already been there once, but every weekend until I leave to Norway I’ll have to come back to complete the whole treatment. I did it yesterday and the tooth itself and area around doesn’t hurt at all unless I chew on it, and I haven’t even had any painkillers yet… but I woke up with the worst headache, fever and cold today. Safe to say I’ve been sleeping on the couch all day, but at least I managed to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones season 7! Now we’re making some homemade broccoli soup and hoping to recover for tomorrow. Talk soon guys. Xx

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It’s MY life

Sometimes we forget how lucky we are. Not only because we born on the other side of the poverty line, lucky enough to be surrounded by people we love and who loves us back, but we area also extremely lucky to be raised as women, in an age where we can have an education and aspire to be whatever we want to be. Where we and have a voice and make our own terms in life, regardless of what men or society tells us.

Beautiful woman SK-II

You would think that today, in this amazing world that we live in, and that with the opportunities we are all presented with, men and women are facing the same obstacles in our daily lives, because after all we do have the same responsibilities. Taking care of ourselves, working and for some of us eventually taking care of our families. But unfortunately these aren’t the feelings that we all are left with as we turn a page older in our book of life.

SK-II’s survey shows that both women and men agrees that women are in their prime in their 20s, while men in their 30s. Society has put so much more pressure on women, staying young and beautiful, getting married, having children- that all these great things that we are so lucky to be brought up with soon becomes forgotten. “Why haven’t I found the right person yet?” “Am I not good enough?” “Am I getting too old?” “Am I not beautiful?”. These are questions us women are struggling with asking ourselves. But the toughest ones are the questions we get from our loved ones.. ”Why haven’t you gotten married yet?” “When are you getting married?” “When will I have my grandchildren?” And this is where the problem comes along… all this pressure. This is where the questions you are struggling with yourselves becomes a reality. This is where the hopelessness kicks in.

More than your age, SK-II campaign

It’s not the pressure of failing to complete these tasks in life, but It’s the pressure of disappointing your loved ones. Some of us wants to be independent and marry on our own terms when we fall in love. Some of us might not want to get married or have children at all.

SK-II survey change your destiny

SK-II launched a study to gain a deeper understanding about the social age-related pressure where a total of 7541 subjects participated from all over the world. The study show that only 2 out of 10 women describes themselves as comfortable with the idea of getting older. It gets even higher in the single groups of women where 46% are feeling unhappy about being older. In China and Korea as high as 60% are feeling pressured to get married. 52% of Korean women under 30 state that finding a suitable partner for marriage is their biggest concern about getting older.

In this amazing world that we are living in, with the opportunities that we have been handed. I say we forget about the pressure of completing tasks on other people’s list. At the end of the day you have to come first. You can’t help others before you find your own happiness. Don’t stress with time, we have no expiry date, as long as we are alive nothing is too late. It’s YOUR life. Don’t marry because you have to, marry because you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. Marry on your own terms and always remember that you are beautiful. No age can ever define that! We have been raised in a time where women work and make their own living, let’s not let the opinions of others set us back again. Live the life that you’ve imagined, and never look back with regrets.

 #INeverExpire #changedestiny #inpartnershipwithskii #skii @ski 

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Best birthday present ever!!

I’ve been dead on social media for a while now, no instagram, no blogging, no nothing. I wish I could say my only excuse was the fact that school has been very dominating with my time lately, but it’s not entirely the truth. I can honestly say I’ve been slacking quite a bit aswell… It’s hard to balance a life where you can fit blogging into the big picture sometimes, and I keep trying to make a scchedule to fit it all in, but I guess blogging isn’t my priority anymore. But I’m hoping that will change. So what have I been up to lately?

girl and her frenchie sitting in window

Love my Diego <3

  1. Obviously school…
  2. Working…I normally only come into the office 2 days a week, but since it’s summer holidays and people are going back to Scandinavia I’m filling in the blanks.
  3. Planning my summer holidays. We’re flying to Norway in the beginning of August and staying a month then flying out of Alicante, Spain where my mom and sister lives. I’m stoked!
  4. Obessing over crypto currencies. Ether is my fave. If you haven’t gotten into in yet, you’re still not too late. This TED talk is great to get an insight!
  5. Turning 25!

Tom got me the best birthday present EVER. During our time in Europe, we’ll be flying to the UK for Reading Festival. And you’re not gonna believe it. Eminem will be performing! I’ll be heading there with him and my bestie Tuva! What better duo to go there with!  I never thought I’d ever have the chance to see Eminem live. It’s been a dream since forever!

My family is coming to Thailand soon too. Summer always rules! <3

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