Countdown for Noway!!!

I’m beyond excited for our trip to Norway. I think we’ve got everything planned so far. We are going from 6th to the 24th of July and are mainly focusing of travelling around Norway. There are so many nice places to visit, and since I’ve taken Tom to the North a couple of times now I thought the South would be a nice change for the summer.


These pics are from our last trip to Lofoten <3



We’re going to drive down to Åndalsnes to see the famous Trollstigen and Trollveggen. After that we are heading to Geiranger to do some fjord sightseeing. We are also going to try to do some kayaking next to the glaciers around Jostedalsbreen and maybe visit Stryn and see some lakes on the way. Then we’re doing a long drive down to Bergen and Odda to trek the Trolltunga. It’s going to be around 27 hours of driving on this trip so that’s going to be interesting. Agh, I can’t wait to see some beautiful nature and scenery and camp and chill out in cabins around Norway. That’s truly one of the best things to do there during summer times. If we do have the time I think we will try to drive through Lom on the way and trek Galdhøpiggen as well!
We’re also spending a couple of days in Oslo at the end of our trip and are going to try to time it for a  beer tasting event. I also really want to take Tom to Tusenfryd my favourite place during my childhood.

The last time we went during winter, we visited Lofoten and had only 4 hours where the sun was out. Can you imagine that? The sun was rising at 9 am and set at 1 pm. This time we’ll get to hang out in the midnight sun. <3

Have you ever been to Norway? What’s your favourite place?




Best lunch spot in Bangkok

We’ve found one of the best lunch spots in Bangkok. Fresh oysters, delicious selection of cold cuts and cheeses and their sandwiches are just like back in Europe. They also have their own a la carte menu that I think changes with time. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have all those items last time we visited. Yummy fish dishes, salads, lamb shank and Spanish sauages with nicely cut french fries are some of the things they have on the menu.

The entrance to their fine selection of fresh cold cuts, cheese and sea food. So cosy! It's a perfect place to chill when it's too hot to sit outside. Foto credit: El Mercado FB

The entrance to their fine selection of fresh cold cuts, cheese and sea food. So cosy! It’s a perfect place to chill when it’s too hot to sit outside. Foto credit: El Mercado FB

table with cold cuts and cheese

Wine, Serrano Ham, Brie De Meaux, Truffle Gouda and Salami Picante. HEAVEN!

Photo 08.05.2016, 13.59.19

The charming outside area.. Photo credit: El Mercado FB

Fine De Clair oysters… MmMmMM…

They also serve some amazing wines. My favourite is the sweeter red house wine. The pricing is great too. The restarant is called El Mercado and is located in an alley right next to Queen Sirikit MRT.




Anantara Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai

If you open the map of Asia, you will find a point where Thailand, Burma and Laos meet. This little point has been a precious spot throughout history and is mostly known for the illegal trade of Opium. It’s also known as the Golden Triangle.  

girl looking at view

View over all the 3 countries. Just a little hike up the hill from our hotel.

girl posing under tree

So serene! I always become a hippie whilst in the nature.

couple in Chiang Saen

Did a day trip to Chiang Saen… we only stayed for an hour.


Market in Chiang Saen

I’ve only been there once before, and going this time was just as exciting as the first time. There’s so much history and beauty and you’ll always encounter something new. This round we had time to go visit The Hall of Opium, which is one of the best museums I’ve ever been too. So exciting and the layout made it so fun to learn! We only had 1.5 hour to wander around as all museums are closed on mondays, meaning we had to make it during our Sunday sightseeing. We did not get enough time to look at everything thoroughly, as there are 3 full floors of learning. So, if you go, make sure to have a bit over 3 hours put aside.


So many nice seating places at the hotel!


Nature along every pathway…

Every day was spent by this pool.

It was so hot the day we went sightseeing so we did not cross the borders at the Golden triangle. I did it a couple of years ago, and it was quite the experience. If you can, and aren’t afraid of getting sweaty… and you haven’t gone before. You must go. I’ll never forget the enormous difference between Thailand, Laos and Burma and how much wealthier we are on this side. We all know about it, read about it, and see it one the screen. But once you’re there in person, stepping out of the boat or walking over the border, It’s extreme. I was just a kid the first time I crossed to Laos, and I remember I had an ice tea that I was drinking on the boat ride. Needless to say it was hot and when I arrived my drink was warm and I was throwing it away. At this time a child comes up to me and asks if he can have it and shares it with all of his friends… It’s in moments like these that you realize how great of a life you have, how grateful we should be, and that we should be doing all we can to help others.


Entrance of the hotel. So pretty!

During our long weekend in Chiang Rai, we stayed at the Anantara Golden Triangle. I can go as far as saying it was the best Anantara hotel we’ve ever stayed at. Yes, they do have an amazing location making it hard to fail, but what I liked the most was the service. Everything was on point, and they do their uttermost for the guest to feel comfortable and at home. And how can you not love being surrounded by nature and elephants.


This is where I had my breakfast 😀


I just wanna hug him all day long. They come to see you in the reception every morning at 9 am!

girl opening curtains

Room View


Someone was loving his view. I think he was spotting some elephants in the wild!


I will definitely invest in a bathtub like this. It was soooo big.


Must do’s while in Chiang Rai:

  • Visit a tea plantation, the tea center at Doi Mae Salong is very pretty, but the selection is better at Choui Fong.
  • Singha park, do a day tour followed by dinner and sunset at their restaurant.
  • Visit the white temple aka Wat Rong Khun.
  • Golden triangle sightseeing

Where to stay:

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Happy trekker in Chiang Rai

Most of the photos used in this post was taken at the Anantara golden triangle.




Choui Fong tea plantation and why green tea is magical

I always used to think my mom was crazy when she was drinking green tea before. When she lived in Norway, she drank cup after cup after cup. I now know she is, as always… one step ahead of me. After I moved to Thailand I joined Tom on the tea train and had some tea once in awhile, but I never really liked it. After its popular days I was hearing things about the benefits of green tea, but I’m a very sceptical person when it comes to all these claims everyone has on what’s healthy and not and don’t really bother starting anything until I’ve done enough research myself. Especially when it’s something I don’t even like the flavour of, or find a hassle doing. So after a couple of years back in time after I had looked up studies on green tea, I felt dumb for not trying it out.

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You gotta try out this lychee green tea, it was full of sugar but so delicious!




I need one of these… heheheh

It’s so easy and available pretty much everywhere. And, now I actually REALLY enjoy it. I told you guys how I’ve started to drink coffee now… well started and started, but I do run up and get iced coffee in my breaks if I don’t feel like I can perform a 100%. Anyways, that shit is full of sugar and weird stuff… delicious, but full of shit. I gotta say tho, I do feel like a teenager having shots for the first time every time I drink it. After I started dieting again, this is unfortunately not within my calories, so I got back to the tea again.

I have around 4-5 cups a day and I’m awake and focused all the time. It’s a different feeling, it feels a lot more healthy. But it doesn’t only contain caffeine.  It also consists of 0 calories, AND makes me full a lot longer. Which is awesome for people trying to go down in weight. There are also studies showing that it improves your brain function and might even protect your brain against alzheimer’s and parkinson. It also increases fat loss by boosting your metabolism (hello dieting again!!!),has anti anxiety effects, lots of antioxidants that *may* lower the risk of various types of cancer, it lowers your risk of infection and promotes good dental hygiene. Ah, there are too many things to mention here….




That’s how excited tea makes me!


Get some finger food while you’re there… I recommend the springrolls and dim sum on the highest.


We went to go Choui Fong tea plantation while we were visiting Chiang Rai and staying at the Anantara elephant camp last weekend. You bet we brought loads of delicious green tea home…It was such a wonderful trip and I loved every single thing we got to do. I’ll take you guys on a tour of the hotel soon. It was amazing, and there is so much love for nature and the people up there. I can’t wait to share more!






Road trip to Phu Kradung

One of my favourite trekking places in Thailand must be Phu Kradung. It’s actually quite the workout and the reward you get when you reach the peak is just amazing. We all know how it is to trek around Thailand during winter times, or anywhere with a jungle terrain. It’s pretty dry and pretty much brown the whole way. Now I’m not saying I’m not a fan of that. It’s an easy terrain to walk in (if it’s not wet), but there isn’t much view other than bamboo and some green leaf and ancient elvish trees. I love to walk around and pick up leaves and things that I imagine doesn’t belong in the area and then dream about the evolution of the plants and where they came from. It’s on these nature trips that you truly appreciate those things you learnt in biology class and it really makes me rethink the world. Like seriously. I think that’s why I love the nature so much. I love my quiet times and getting to unwind and just think and think and think.

girl stretching in nature

There are some viewing points on the way up

girl sitting on a bike in cliff view

You can rent bikes and go to see all the pretty sandstone cliffs


Beautiful sunset… this was on the way back tho, if you do want to watch the sunset or sunrise from the mountains you need to spend the night

boy_watching _Sunet_thailand

Fuji of Thailand, Phu Pa Poh also in Loei province.


Our bungalow we stayed at in Loei, right outside Phu Kradung national park


Cabbage field in Petchabun, right after ascending Phu Tubberk.

Anyways, now I’m totally off the subject which was the rewarding view you get on top. There’s viewpoints pretty much everywhere and so many beautiful cliffs you can chill at. The sky is turquoise blue and the sun is shining in a pleasant way. You have two options, you can either ascend in the early am and descend in the afternoon or you can camp on the top and stay a couple of nights. Next time I will do option number two, as there is plenty to see on the top. We walked up in the morning, and was pretty sad to find out we had to descend by 2 pm the latest. I guess it’s better to be safe. I think the expected time to go up is 4 hours, but if you have a decent fitness level and don’t spend too much time eating or chilling on the way up I think you can do it in around 2.5. And by the way the food on the mountain is delicious. It could be partly because of the exhaustion and that we didn’t eat on the way up, but mmmm. You gotta make a pit stop! We had some amazing omelet and pad krapow moo.You can rent bikes on the top to look around the mountain too, so I’d recommend you be by the gate when they open at 8 am to get a good start. I was really sad to not spend the night there, but then again it was FREEZING during night-time. I’m already dreaming about going back.


What’s your favourite nature spot in Thailand?



Maya Festival

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Had so much fun during Maya Festival last weekend, I honestly can`t wait for the next one. The lighting was out of this world, I`m not even exaggerating. Just look at the stage for example, I love how it is a giant. Perfect way  to represent Thailand. Tiesto must be one of the best Dj’s I’ve seen live. What a performance. There was even fireworks. Love how it was in Pattaya and being able to go to the beach the following day… We also found this amazing hotel called Momento. It`s pet friendly, have a nice pool bar, and AMAZING food is located only 5 minutes away from the beach. What a dream place… Life is so much better by the sea… Pattaya is definitely not the dirty city everyone wants it to be. I used to live there 4 years ago, and never experienced this dark side everyone is making it become. Unless you’re one of those people who visit walking street and gogo bars every day… then obviously  you won`t get a good impression, but neither will you by visiting Khaosan road and Soi Cowboy every day in Bangkok…

Cheers to many more weekens like this!