Maprao Organic coconut water

If I could choose one thing to drink for the rest of my life it would be coconut water. It’s super healthy, nutritious and delicious. You can find fresh coconuts pretty much anywhere in Thailand, but there are times when you are stuck in the office, in a rush or just don’t bother carrying around on large coconuts. In those cases you need an easier option… and that’s where Maprao organic coconut water comes in! It’s organic, fresh, and tastes just as amazing as it does straight from the coconut.

Maprao organic coconut water farm

Check out how green and beautiful their farm in Ratchaburi is. I love that everything is being produced here in Thailand meaning more work oportunities for the Thai people and farmers. <3


Can you spot me in the video?




Choui Fong tea plantation and why green tea is magical

I always used to think my mom was crazy when she was drinking green tea before. When she lived in Norway, she drank cup after cup after cup. I now know she is, as always… one step ahead of me. After I moved to Thailand I joined Tom on the tea train and had some tea once in awhile, but I never really liked it. After its popular days I was hearing things about the benefits of green tea, but I’m a very sceptical person when it comes to all these claims everyone has on what’s healthy and not and don’t really bother starting anything until I’ve done enough research myself. Especially when it’s something I don’t even like the flavour of, or find a hassle doing. So after a couple of years back in time after I had looked up studies on green tea, I felt dumb for not trying it out.

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You gotta try out this lychee green tea, it was full of sugar but so delicious!




I need one of these… heheheh

It’s so easy and available pretty much everywhere. And, now I actually REALLY enjoy it. I told you guys how I’ve started to drink coffee now… well started and started, but I do run up and get iced coffee in my breaks if I don’t feel like I can perform a 100%. Anyways, that shit is full of sugar and weird stuff… delicious, but full of shit. I gotta say tho, I do feel like a teenager having shots for the first time every time I drink it. After I started dieting again, this is unfortunately not within my calories, so I got back to the tea again.

I have around 4-5 cups a day and I’m awake and focused all the time. It’s a different feeling, it feels a lot more healthy. But it doesn’t only contain caffeine.  It also consists of 0 calories, AND makes me full a lot longer. Which is awesome for people trying to go down in weight. There are also studies showing that it improves your brain function and might even protect your brain against alzheimer’s and parkinson. It also increases fat loss by boosting your metabolism (hello dieting again!!!),has anti anxiety effects, lots of antioxidants that *may* lower the risk of various types of cancer, it lowers your risk of infection and promotes good dental hygiene. Ah, there are too many things to mention here….




That’s how excited tea makes me!


Get some finger food while you’re there… I recommend the springrolls and dim sum on the highest.


We went to go Choui Fong tea plantation while we were visiting Chiang Rai and staying at the Anantara elephant camp last weekend. You bet we brought loads of delicious green tea home…It was such a wonderful trip and I loved every single thing we got to do. I’ll take you guys on a tour of the hotel soon. It was amazing, and there is so much love for nature and the people up there. I can’t wait to share more!






Hello March

We’ve finally managed to break our sleeping pattern… at least to some extent. We haven’t been able to sleep until 3 am lately, due to last minute netflix or youtube browsing. Last night was no exception, BUT we woke up early(ish) this morning, so tonight should be better. We always start the days by walking baby Diego, before we go back to our other duties. But today was a chill day for me. I’ve just been hanging out by the pool reading and tanning. I also had time to make breakfast which consisted of delicious eggs and spinach with smoked Norwegian salmon breakfast. AND I even had time to make  a big salad I’ll make sure me AND Tom eats until it runs out. I’m not bad when it comes to eating greens, but I do want to make sure I have at least a salad a day. We’ve also started adding spirulina to our shakes and I’m already feeling more energetic.

Beautiful nature from our room at the Rain forrest eco restort in Phitsanulok.

This is not what I made for breakfast, but a yummy photo from Rocket in Silom!

This is not what I made for breakfast, but a yummy photo from Rocket in Silom!

Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

Blah, I’ve become so annoyed with all this plastic use in Bangkok lately. I mean, it’s always been pretty bad, but somehow it upsets me extra much these days. I always make sure to save the plastic bags that aren’t used so at least they aren’t made and thrown away for nothing. From now on I will have a tote lying in my office for when I go for lunch, or anywhere else and even in the car for shopping. It is hard to remember, but so important. Let’s take a stand together and pack it in our bag already guys.

Oh, and btw, add me on snapchat, I’m Byea. Also add Manaosoda for the future. I might start using that one soon.





Best way to start the day

There’s nothing quite the same as starting the day with some proper breakfast (during lunch time) The past week we’ve been running errands from morning until work time so we’ve always had time to go grab something nice. We’ve finally tried out Rocket in Silom and Chu at Exchange tower, and also been eating at some of our old and beloved places.

caramel frappe in glass cup with straw

The caramel Frappe was so good!!!

caesar sald in a bowl

Am I the only one who hates anchovies in my Caesar Salad? Tom on the other hand loves it.

We were around our old neighborhood in Rajadamri today, and thought we’d have something quick at the Coffee Club. I gotta give them, their coffee and drinks are good… but I’m always disappointed about their food. It looks great, but tastes…ok. Now, what I chose this time, might not be from their breakfast menu, but I have chosen items from there before thinking it was just ok. So I was hoping for something different this time. Lesson learned, I will only visit when I have a thirst for coffee. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re just hungry while passing, don’t be scared to go in and eat. I even have a couple of friends loving the place, so it might just be me. reuben sandwish on a checkered background

We also went to get Tom a little booster/new vaccine today.Unfortunately there’s not enough focus on adults and vaccines. It’s also hard knowing which ones to get, as there are lots of different info on the internet. You might want to ask your doctor the next time you see him/her.

I know I’m almost on my ten-year mark on some! Jawn, enough of this boring stuff.

Write you soon!




Gaining and giving health

Hello Thursday!

I’ve been getting a bit sick during the past few days, in the beginning I thought it was just the usual allergy coming back but I think I can confirm it’s some kinda cold now. Darn you aircon, why you have to feel so good! It’s no better that half the office is sick and I witnessed them coughing day in and out beforehand… Typical that it happens right before my exams but at least it’s not too bad. I’m still working and studying so everything is good. The only downside was when I was trying to do legday yesterday. I was already having a headache while arriving the gym but I still thought it was a good idea to go all out. It resulted with only having done squats, straight-legged deadlifts, leg press and when I was starting my Bulgarian splits I couldn’t get my pulse down and breathe properly. I couldn’t even do body weight. Note to my self. No more hard training until I’m feeling better.

At my favourite place on this earth, the beach <3

I’ve also gotten into coffee now… after 23 years on this planet I’ve found myself in the need of coffee. Luckily I don’t need so much to spike my energy so an iced mocha or a latte keeps me going through the day. Unfortunately Thai people love to sugar it up, but, it does make it taste so damn good though. I always ask for a no sweet milk or syrup option, but there’s still no such thing as a unsweetened coffee here, haha.

It’s crazy, before I would just have a sip to then  get a headache and almost puke when consuming coffee, but now I actually need it to survive some days. I do want to add I NEVER drink it unless I don’t feel like I can function without it. Maybe 2-3 times a week. My work performance goes from 7-10 on it, haha. It might be better if I get myself a green tea-pot for future energy, for my health’s sake. Talking about health I’m obsessed with coconut oil now, I make sure to get at least one table-spoon a day, and if I cook I just switch the oil to coconut oil. Sometimes that doesn’t work as you don’t want it to taste like coconut, but if you can, do it!

I think Thai food must be my fave

I think Thai food must be my fave

We also buy coconuts in bulks so we have a fresh coconut for breakfast everyday. I swear it makes me feel like a superhuman.Though I am a bit confused why I’m sick now, haha.

Today we are heading to The Red Cross for hospital for Tom to get some vaccines and also to see if we can be of any help to Lara. I’m sure you guys have been reading about the case online. Lara is a 24-year-old Chinese-Thai-Italian student diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in December 2015 and needs a stem cell donor to save her life. Since her mixed heritage makes it hard to find a matching stem cell donor, we as half European Asian are going to see if we are a match. I encourage you all to do the same. She needs to find someone before April so it’s pretty urgent!

Have you checked if you can be a potential donor?






Sponsored video

Just watched this video and it hit me in the right places.

In this day and age, us girls (as well as guys!) are oppressing our emotions and expressions from everyday life. Whether it’s because we are told that it’s wrong, see that it’s too over-the-top or simply just being shy. A lot of negative feelings have been wrongly associated with letting our true feelings show. I personally laugh out loud and sing along to songs on the radio, but have been guilty at times of holding back my tears or covering my screams of joy when my favourite football team scores a great goal.


It’s quite a shame as we have so much in us to show to the world but have been lead to believe we can’t really let it show. There shouldn’t be a limit on what we can express. From now on (little by little) I won’t be hiding no more. There’s definitely a time and place for everything of course and sometimes it may be inappropriate to be laughing – but that’s just common sense. My intention is just to stop holding back those moments of joy or sadness! I hope you guys join me in this as well! The way we live our lives and how we spend it shouldn’t be dictated by how other people view us – or how we THINK people view us.

Smile, laugh, cry, be angry! Do it while you can, it’s free 😀

Creds to ponds for being able to connect with our feelings like that.
This post has been sponsored by Pond, but all the thoughts are my own

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