Explore Bangkok as a local

There’s so many things to do around Bangkok and you’ll never have a hard time finding a good list of what to do while visiting. But I feel like the list has never been updated and that there is too many places and things on repeat. So in this interview I’ve tried to mention some of the more hidden gems, and some places (like JJ Market) that are totally mainstream but has to be experienced! Try visiting at least 3 of this places and you’ll get a feeling of how it is to be a local in Bangkok, pretty amazing!

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Afternoon tea at the Sheraton

Thailand was the first place I encountered afternoon tea and I’ve been a sucker for it since. My first time will always have a special place in my heart and I’m so glad I went there because it made the best first impression ever. The place I’m talking about is obviously the high tea at Dhara Dhevi in Chiang Mai. There will never be anything quite like it. Who doesn’t love soft but crunchy macarons and green tea infused with tropical flavours…girl_afternoon_tea_pranburi_sheraton






While visiting Pranburi last weekend we thought we should try out something other than the usual meaning Evason, Lay Cafe and OX seafood. It didn’t take long before we got set on the idea of afternoon tea. There were posters along the roads advertising afternoon tea at the five star hotels so it was hard to get rid of the idea. We quickly decided to go for Sheraton’s and we weren’t disappointed. Their decor is on point and there are nice seatings both inside and outside. We wanted to chill upstairs on the terrace but the weather was just too hot. I love how it was inspired by Thailand and the price was even lower than we had expected. The staff were just amazing too. If you’re ever in the area you should definitely sit down and try it out.


Doesn’t it look yummy?



Best lunch spot in Bangkok

We’ve found one of the best lunch spots in Bangkok. Fresh oysters, delicious selection of cold cuts and cheeses and their sandwiches are just like back in Europe. They also have their own a la carte menu that I think changes with time. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have all those items last time we visited. Yummy fish dishes, salads, lamb shank and Spanish sauages with nicely cut french fries are some of the things they have on the menu.

The entrance to their fine selection of fresh cold cuts, cheese and sea food. So cosy! It's a perfect place to chill when it's too hot to sit outside. Foto credit: El Mercado FB

The entrance to their fine selection of fresh cold cuts, cheese and sea food. So cosy! It’s a perfect place to chill when it’s too hot to sit outside. Foto credit: El Mercado FB

table with cold cuts and cheese

Wine, Serrano Ham, Brie De Meaux, Truffle Gouda and Salami Picante. HEAVEN!

Photo 08.05.2016, 13.59.19

The charming outside area.. Photo credit: El Mercado FB

Fine De Clair oysters… MmMmMM…

They also serve some amazing wines. My favourite is the sweeter red house wine. The pricing is great too. The restarant is called El Mercado and is located in an alley right next to Queen Sirikit MRT.




An Imaginative Escape in Hua Hin

SO Sofitel just opened a new hotel in Cha-Am and we were super happy to get invited to check it out. There’s no secret that we love the SO brand and the chic, playful and sophisticated elegance they have to offer. It’s perfect for the younger crowd with monthly held pool and beach parties. The location of this SO Sofitel is simply amazing. At first we thought it was a bit far away from Hua Hin, but the private clean beach you get in return makes it worth it.

girl standing next to elephant statue

There are lots of pretty creatures to greet you at the entrance

girl standing in from of wall

A map of Cha am painted in white at the entrance wall, what a good idea!

girl standing in pool entrance


Got myself a new friend… I swear after the freshly prepared welcome tea, the animals talk!

hotel room

Loved our Arty room

girl sitting on bed

Is spent a lot of time here…

Their rooms are large with tall ceilings and carefully chosen details from around the world. There’s two different themes to choose from; SO Arty or SO Nature.  It’s definitely the imaginative escape they promise you. All the way from check in to check out. We stayed at the Arty room and fell in love at first sight. The bathroom was taken out of my dreams and the bed was just as soft and comfortable as they are in all the So Sofitel hotels. I always know I will get a good night sleep staying there.


The perfect beach bar… just like Greece.





The finger food at the So beach party was delicious. We also ordered a burger and pizza back to our room… I have to say the food there is amazing!!!


After the fun started…


I need to find out what wine they had… it got me drinking for hours 😀

We were so lucky to go there on the first week of the month and got to join the SO beach party. The drinks were delicious and the DJ played the best tunes ever. Not to mention their chef who made some serious finger licking good food. I pretty much never eat french fries, but the large bowl we were served was gone in 5! I’ve been missing a proper beach party since my days back in Spain and SO Sofitel definitely nailed that feeling! It was like we were back at the islands again. Make sure you go there early to get a good seat and have time to eat before the sun set and your legs feel like dancing. I think EVERYONE was up and dancing by 9 o’clock which is very rare in Thailand.


This girl was overly excited for her treatment


The cocoon <3 love!

We’re big fans of the SO Spa so we try making it there once in a while. This one was the most special one we’ve been to. It was so calm and relaxing and the service was amazing. Everything was on point. The details, the comfort… we all know how disappointed you feel when the treatment is over. I mean, obviously you feel fresh and renewed but… there is always this feeling that you wish it could last longer. So at this SO Spa, when the treatment is finished, they have this beautiful cocoon covered with twinkling stars on the inside and beds you can relax on, watching the stars while being served with yummy energy balls and tea. I love the idea, and we’ve actually agreed we’re getting one of these for our bedroom when we get a house!

girl_beach_so_sofitel_huahin (4)

Safe to say, we’ve found our new favourite beach holiday destination not too far from Bangkok. It takes around 2 hours to drive here. No need to take days off work to go to the islands.

Check out their facebook page for upcoming events and deals!

Are you planning to go?






We been looking far and wide for a weekend place both we and Diego can enjoy so we were super happy to hear that D’ark welcomes you doggie with open arms. We we’re a bit sceptical, seeing this was at Emquartier, but can now comfirm this place is dog friendly for sure!

Diego turned 1 year on the 28 of February. And was stoked about all the attention he got at this place. He also loved being able to join us for Sunday lunch times!


Their homemade ice cream is super yummy. Get the pistachio flavour.❤️

Baby Diego loves french fries 😀


I love the vibe of this place and how it’s actually a proper place to chill and eat while being able to hang out with your furry friend. It’s perfect location for daytime drinking aswell, ehm, I mean a glass of wine…


Fore more information about this place, or even other places to bring your pet, go to Fetchbud. 



Best way to start the day

There’s nothing quite the same as starting the day with some proper breakfast (during lunch time) The past week we’ve been running errands from morning until work time so we’ve always had time to go grab something nice. We’ve finally tried out Rocket in Silom and Chu at Exchange tower, and also been eating at some of our old and beloved places.

caramel frappe in glass cup with straw

The caramel Frappe was so good!!!

caesar sald in a bowl

Am I the only one who hates anchovies in my Caesar Salad? Tom on the other hand loves it.

We were around our old neighborhood in Rajadamri today, and thought we’d have something quick at the Coffee Club. I gotta give them, their coffee and drinks are good… but I’m always disappointed about their food. It looks great, but tastes…ok. Now, what I chose this time, might not be from their breakfast menu, but I have chosen items from there before thinking it was just ok. So I was hoping for something different this time. Lesson learned, I will only visit when I have a thirst for coffee. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re just hungry while passing, don’t be scared to go in and eat. I even have a couple of friends loving the place, so it might just be me. reuben sandwish on a checkered background

We also went to get Tom a little booster/new vaccine today.Unfortunately there’s not enough focus on adults and vaccines. It’s also hard knowing which ones to get, as there are lots of different info on the internet. You might want to ask your doctor the next time you see him/her.

I know I’m almost on my ten-year mark on some! Jawn, enough of this boring stuff.

Write you soon!