Hello Sunday

Hello lovlies <3

Yesterday was chill, managed to get some studying out of the way. Had my paper approved and everything is set for my exams. Just need some more reading happening. Yesterday we went and had Som tam at Siam Center at Som tam noir, if you haven’t eaten there yet you should. They are a chain and have shops all around Bangkok. Make sure you get their som tam with salty eggs, fried chicken, sticky rice and nam tok moo, it’s so delicious. The nam jim (spicy sauce) to dip the chicken and rice in is also sent from heaven.

girl smiling wearing white in xmas lights

So excited about the christmas lights at MBK!!

We made a little trek to MBK afterwards to find some Christmas presents for the kids in our families, and we actually managed to get something for everyone in one go, so we were pretty proud of ourselves once we were done.

girl standing in christmas lights


After a couple of hours of shopping we decided we had deserved some treats, ooops, and Tom had read about his cheese cake place called LeTAO in Siam Paragon so we went there and picked up a cheesecake to go. It was a bit overpriced, but tasted amazing! Everyone NEEDS to try the Double Fromage. It tastes delicious, looks the delicious and feels delicious, wow. I’m including a link for you guys to go drool at pictures, as we couldn’t help ourselves and started eating already.

I’m off to IKEA to see some family now, and deliver some xmas presents to Norway. Hopefully I can find some christmas tree lights there as every place we’ve found so far only sells coloured one. Come on?!

See you guys soon <3




Great hair days

A lot of people have been asking me where to get your hair extensions in Bangkok or even in Thailand. I hear horror stories about people doing it at random places and also people who go and do it for 20000 baht with a result no better than mine. I honestly think it’s a waste of money paying the same price as back home seeing there are lots of talented Thai’s that does this every day. I’ve found my favourite place to get it done and it’s Union mall. You can go on the 5 th floor in the beauty section and do it pretty much anywhere. They have tons of places there. My hair was so short after I went for a cut in August so I had to get a refill. I paid 4000 bath  two ponytails of  human hair. The length was 22″. I think they weigh around 100 g each so my hair was pretty heavy for a while. You will lose a bit of hair in the beginning, it’s normal.

This place is really amazing because they understand the importance of thick hair. For some reason, people only choose to put on one ponytail which I think looks really unnatural. I got mine attached with micro loops which is really good for your hair. At least for mine, it works out  a lot better than the keratin as lose my own hair too when I detach it. The loops you can just pop out whenever, but you should go back and get it done by a professional.

Keep in mind that it will hurt for the first week or so!

Union mall is a bit out of the center but it is located right on the MRT Pahon Yothin and is super easy to find.

girl with long and culy hair

Where is your favourite go-to hair place?



Sudio sweden


Loving the gold details. Perfect with my iPhone gold.

There’s a new brand on the market, and it’s Sudio Sweden. Needless to say they are designed by Swedes, so you should be expecting some simple designs and good quality. I’ve got the honors of trying them out and I’m really satisfied with them so far.Since I couldn’t sleep on the plane to Norway this weekend it was a life saver. They block out the sound nicely and have a nice and soft sound to them. They are compatible with both IOS and android. I also love the design of the earphones, black and gold, very classy! There’s more colours and designs as well, I chose the Vasa black and gold.

girl looking to the side


girl wearing sudio sweden earphones thailand


girl looking at her phone wearing heels

There’s also free shipping world so if you’re living in Norway, Thailand or anywhere else than Sweden, it doesn’t matter. How great is that?!
girl looking at camera with phone in hand

girl looking at her phone wearing heels

I thought I’d make this post right around xmas as I can offer you guys a 15 % discount if you would want to try them too! Enter Manaosoda15 at checkout and you’ve got yourself the perfect christmas present at a steal.




Daniel Wellington

girl wearing daniel wellington watch with long brown curly hair

girl wearing blue top with long curly hair

daniel wellington watch

girl sitting next to pool

Just received this beautiful piece from Daniel Wellington. I rarely buy watches, as I never find anything to fit my taste. I like simple watches and when there’s as little as one detail that’s wrong or too much, I just can’t make myself wear it. I either end up getting large watches or simple ones leather with a clean design. Second one  describes Daniel Wellington’s wrist watches perfectly. I love how the details don’t outdo each other and how carefully everything has been put together. Super classy!

My favourite watch is the Classic Bristol.

Their watches make me think of summer, and I think it’s the perfect accessory for every occasion from having lunch with your friends, attending a formal event or even to make yourself look smart for that job interview you got planned.

If you would like to get one of these babies make sure to use “dwanita” for a 15% discount at checkout. The code is only valid until the end of this month so you better hurry!





My colour block dress

Todays been one of those boring days just waiting for holiday. I know I keep bringing this up in pretty much every post lately, but I’m in desperate need of a holiday. Yes, I know I was in Norway last month, but that was only for around 5 days, and the flight was horrible and it was pretty much built around me going home to do an exam, so I wouldn’t call that…a holiday. I’m finally done with all the groundwork at work as well so I only have some admin stuff for the rest of the days and then we’re off. So sick of not being able to eat whatever I want as well, or maybe that’s just my cramps talking. Does anyone else have the same problem as I do, where feels like someone stabs you in the stomach while having protein shakes during your period? It sucks!!

girl wearing colourblock dress in parking lot

I might have to skip the gym tomorrow, though it’s only for the best. I need to get my nails done before the travels, and I might even do my eyelashes, who bothers putting on mascara everyday while travelling? Or actually ever? They should last long this time, as I won’t go to the gym often and rub my eyes. I always do that. I’m one of those people who picks the lashes off and also pick the nail polish off, so maybe I should just forget about it. I should at least get gel nails like last time. That lasted me until- it grew out, and THEN I started picking it. Let’s see how my mood is tomorrow. I might be on an emotional carousel now.

girl holding her ponytail in parkinglot

girl walking and turning around

I also had a haircut today during my break and it went super short, at least I feel it did. I kinda look like a toddler and want to colour my hair darker now, but, most likely I won’t be bothered. I never trust anyone to cut my hair so I normally do it myself. I started cutting of a chunk this morning thinking what the hell am I doing, and decided it was better I went to the hairdresser. I actually went to the lady in building where I work and just asked her to cut it straight, hoping for the best. And it was alright. Definitely worth 200 baht.

girl looking to the side holding her hands in pocket

girl jumping wearing a colourblock dress

Tom’s choice of a “pose” I think it turned out pretty funny. At least my legs look long.

girl pulling down her zipper

Ok guys, that’s enough of me complaining, I’m going to read up on some statistics now, and later we might watch some episodes of South Park and binge on some chicken salad and fruits for the calories we have left from today. Yay!

And again: for those of you liking the outfit it’s the Colour Block Dress from society-A. Use my promo code “Anita20” for a 20% discount. This one if from a Korean brand called Lie, they have lots of fun and colourful pieces, take a look!




Helicopter tour and wine tasting at the Hudson river…

Hey lovlies. I thought I’d share my promo code with you guys if you are interested in getting something from Society-A. Simply enter promo code “anita20” at check-out and get  20% off your purchase.


Having my lunch break at work now looking through mails and browsing through facebook. It’s so cold at the office today. I’m actually sitting here in my fleece blanket. Today I got the travel itinerary for our New work trip and it’s looking awesome. We are set for a wine and cheese cruise at the Hudson river, a helicopter tour over New York, a guided SUV trip around the city, and I get to choose my own Borsalino hat.They’ve booked us a room at the Sanctuary hotel and we are super happy that they give out daily memberships to train at Equinox gym. Life is good. Sunday can you come already? I’m ready to start my holiday…