Celebrating 17th of May in Bangkok

We got to celebrate 17th of May this year around too. We started the day with marching in the parade at the Norwegian ambassador’s garden, followed by hotdogs and ice cream just like back home. I was surprised that there are so many Norwegians living here permanently. It obviously wasn’t the same as back home but definitely as good as I had been hoping for. The 17th of May committee had put so much work into the event!

girl on 17th of May in Bangkok holding a flag

Hipp hipp hurra!

couple on the 17th of May in Bangkok



Can you believe it was this many people? And so many had brought their national suit “bunad” from Norway…


Photo 17.05.2016, 20.14.44

Yummy foods served at the Sheraton





For the adults there was a gala dinner at the Sheraton Grande in Asoke where we had some drinks and Norwegian food. Of course Norwegian salmon was on the menu this year as well… when are they gonna pick up the “Sodd” tradition from my part of the country?

Sorry for the bad picture quality, I only brought my phone out…




Hello tan and beach activites, hello KRABI!

I’m turning 24 the end of this month so we’re off to Krabi to climb, tan and drink coconuts next to the monkies. I haven’t been there since February 2014 so I’m extremely excited for this trip. We’re only going two days as we booked this trip pretty spontaneously and didn’t really think about taking any time off work. But two days in Krabi?! I’ll take whatever I can get! We’re looking at hotels online, and I think we’re aiming for something nice, tho… we really won’t be spending any time in the hotel room.



girl wearing white at krabi beach

Pictures from SO Sofitel Hua Hin.

Off to Virgin now to use our 7 day pass that we got from the Under Armour challenge, hopefully I can get some kind of beach body by the 28th… 17 days to go!





Elephant polo and weekend fun!

You have no idea how happy I am about it being friday. Only 5 hours of work today. I’m definitely making myself a fatty lunch today just to celebrate. Did someone say carbonara? I think I’ll swing my the gym after work though, as I’m planning to have fun times this weekend. I’ll be at the King’s Cup Charity Elephant Polo Tournament on Saturday. I’m SO excited. Tom’s been hanging out there with his booth which is Casa Azul merged with Day Of The Dead beers. Meaning mexican drinks and food, and daytime drinking in the sun. And I’m really up for that… I love spiced up slushies. The fact that they are playing elephant polo is also pretty awesome. Elephants and monkeys are my favourite animals. The cup is held by Anantara at the river so if you’re up for some nice weekend chilling by the Chao Phraya river you better come here. I also heard that the elephants are from Surin. So they’re pretty much my brothers and sisters. 😀








Sunday will be spent at Jatujak weekend market followed by boat noodles in Victory monument. I’m aiming to get at least five down.

What are you doing this weekend?




Cheese from Spain and Muay Thai

I’ve been away from writing lately, but for those days you can follow me on snapchat or instagram. The weekend was chill.  We’ve been at Ikea… one of my most favorite places in the world. Don’t ask me why…Hanging out at Tom’s restaurant Casa Azul, which has the best game setup in Bangkok, AND nachos if anyone is into that (who isn’t?!) . 

girl and her frenchie sitting in window

I tried Muay thai with Tom at the Kru Dam gym. My shin is bruised. No kidding. It was really fun, but definitely something I need to get used to. My kicks sucks. My mom is in Thailand now, and brought me lots of yummy cheese and cold cuts from Spain, and my favourite Ajo and Perejil stocks that can be used to make the best carbonara EVER. So if you’re in the neighborhood you know where to go for eats! She’s heading to Surin to visit my grandparents first so I’ll be following her next weekend for some family times. I seriously can’t wait.

girl looking outside window wearing jeans


I’m missing my family so much these days and hoping my siblings will move down here someday soon. Oh, how school and work is always in the way, hehe. I’ve also started cooking at home. I’m sick of working around soi 11, there’s hardly any good food  there. I’ve said to myself I won’t stress with dieting or finding a new workout program until April starts… but when I start cooking at home I get so obsessed with egg white omelets, rice and chicken, broccoli and salads haha. But… going out shopping for food also makes me go crazy over the cereals and chips on the shelves as well. But it honestly doesn’t bother me. April it is, no stress.

girl looking at camera inside window

Love my new shoes! So plain and comfy. Been looking for these for ages!!!

Oh Tuesday again… the longest working day of the week. It actually isn’t that bad. But hard to get any extra work done when I get home at 11 in the evening. But then again, I do have the whole day for myself before work seeing I don’t start until 3, which is AWESOME. The clock is about to turn in Norway though, so It will be one hour earlier from the 25th which will be a good change.

What are you doing on this long Tuesday?