Best way to start the day

There’s nothing quite the same as starting the day with some proper breakfast (during lunch time) The past week we’ve been running errands from morning until work time so we’ve always had time to go grab something nice. We’ve finally tried out Rocket in Silom and Chu at Exchange tower, and also been eating at some of our old and beloved places.

caramel frappe in glass cup with straw

The caramel Frappe was so good!!!

caesar sald in a bowl

Am I the only one who hates anchovies in my Caesar Salad? Tom on the other hand loves it.

We were around our old neighborhood in Rajadamri today, and thought we’d have something quick at the Coffee Club. I gotta give them, their coffee and drinks are good… but I’m always disappointed about their food. It looks great, but tastes…ok. Now, what I chose this time, might not be from their breakfast menu, but I have chosen items from there before thinking it was just ok. So I was hoping for something different this time. Lesson learned, I will only visit when I have a thirst for coffee. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re just hungry while passing, don’t be scared to go in and eat. I even have a couple of friends loving the place, so it might just be me. reuben sandwish on a checkered background

We also went to get Tom a little booster/new vaccine today.Unfortunately there’s not enough focus on adults and vaccines. It’s also hard knowing which ones to get, as there are lots of different info on the internet. You might want to ask your doctor the next time you see him/her.

I know I’m almost on my ten-year mark on some! Jawn, enough of this boring stuff.

Write you soon!




Bar crawling and exams

The few days of cold weather we had is long gone. Long days of heat is back, it’s hard to believe it’s winter here in Thailand. I’m not going to complain. On one side it was nice to be able to wear jeans and long sleeves again, but on the other side It was freezing hopping on a bike on the way from work at night time. You can’t have it all they say.  Talking about not having it all, I NEED to start my days by the pool now that the sun is back. I’m so white it’s awkward at times.I’ve been sitting so much inside lately it’s a joke. Studying and office work all day makes you white and tired looking. Anyone have any tips on how to concentrate while studying out in the sun? That  would be a much better idea for next term…

girl waring striped shirt looking at camera

I removed my hair extensions the other day. It was so painful and took me almost 2 hours! It’s never been that bad before, I wonder where it went wrong, it’s never grown that fast before I think. Normally it’s about 1-2 cm longer when I remove them but this time it might have been around 4-5 cm out, so that was fun.. No more extensions for years now. Don’t get me wrong, I love long hair with lots of volume, and it really is worth it, but your head needs to breathe. Especially in the gym.

girl playing with frenchie

Diego loves photos… ehm….

girl looking at camera


You really appreciate weekends when you work every weekday. And this weekend has been extra good as my brain is not stressed over an exam at the moment. On we went to have a massage, ate som tam and chicken, so standard Anita I know… then we finally went to Wine Depot in our soi and it was quite good, a couple of glasses of wine later we went to Caza Azul in Ari for some more wine, coronitas and Nachos. We also visited bar in Ari for some drinks before we finished it of at Otto bar at the end of our soi. I’ve always thought it was one of those shady bars, and I guess you can say it is… but the live music was really good. I definitely think we will go back. I was going to meet Lotta for lunch early yesterday but managed to stay in bed until one, I have no idea what happened, but it felt good! We spent the whole day shopping and eating around central world and Siam. So much fun.
girl walking along the steet

We’re soon off to the post office to get my package that I get sent as a gift the other day. Wonder how much I’m going to have to pay..sigh. Then I’m back to work again!
What are you cuties up to today?





Bangkok magic

girl looking at view in bangkok rooftopNo need to tell you Bankokians that the weather is cool at the moment but oh my god.It’s so weird, the other day I woke up being all excited for the new things I was about to go out and explore. My body was all set about being in a different and new place. It doesn’t feel like Bangkok right now. It doesn’t smell like Bangkok right now, and somehow it doesn’t look like Bangkok.If people at home think I am exaggerating it was 16 degrees today. I’m wearing jeans and a christmas sweater to not be cold. We haven’t used the aircon for 3 days. The living room is SO cold. We’ve been having hot chocolate and warm tea everyday.

I’m home with a bad cold at the moment, BUT I’m loving this cold spell. Please don’t gooo.

Anyone else loving the cool weather in Bangkok?




Gaining and giving health

Hello Thursday!

I’ve been getting a bit sick during the past few days, in the beginning I thought it was just the usual allergy coming back but I think I can confirm it’s some kinda cold now. Darn you aircon, why you have to feel so good! It’s no better that half the office is sick and I witnessed them coughing day in and out beforehand… Typical that it happens right before my exams but at least it’s not too bad. I’m still working and studying so everything is good. The only downside was when I was trying to do legday yesterday. I was already having a headache while arriving the gym but I still thought it was a good idea to go all out. It resulted with only having done squats, straight-legged deadlifts, leg press and when I was starting my Bulgarian splits I couldn’t get my pulse down and breathe properly. I couldn’t even do body weight. Note to my self. No more hard training until I’m feeling better.

At my favourite place on this earth, the beach <3

I’ve also gotten into coffee now… after 23 years on this planet I’ve found myself in the need of coffee. Luckily I don’t need so much to spike my energy so an iced mocha or a latte keeps me going through the day. Unfortunately Thai people love to sugar it up, but, it does make it taste so damn good though. I always ask for a no sweet milk or syrup option, but there’s still no such thing as a unsweetened coffee here, haha.

It’s crazy, before I would just have a sip to then  get a headache and almost puke when consuming coffee, but now I actually need it to survive some days. I do want to add I NEVER drink it unless I don’t feel like I can function without it. Maybe 2-3 times a week. My work performance goes from 7-10 on it, haha. It might be better if I get myself a green tea-pot for future energy, for my health’s sake. Talking about health I’m obsessed with coconut oil now, I make sure to get at least one table-spoon a day, and if I cook I just switch the oil to coconut oil. Sometimes that doesn’t work as you don’t want it to taste like coconut, but if you can, do it!

I think Thai food must be my fave

I think Thai food must be my fave

We also buy coconuts in bulks so we have a fresh coconut for breakfast everyday. I swear it makes me feel like a superhuman.Though I am a bit confused why I’m sick now, haha.

Today we are heading to The Red Cross for hospital for Tom to get some vaccines and also to see if we can be of any help to Lara. I’m sure you guys have been reading about the case online. Lara is a 24-year-old Chinese-Thai-Italian student diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in December 2015 and needs a stem cell donor to save her life. Since her mixed heritage makes it hard to find a matching stem cell donor, we as half European Asian are going to see if we are a match. I encourage you all to do the same. She needs to find someone before April so it’s pretty urgent!

Have you checked if you can be a potential donor?






Welcome 2016

girl stretching in te sunset

All pictues from Jomtien beach in Pattaya <3 it’s a lot cleaner and a lot less touristy these days!

I think 2015 was the most stressful year of my life, first of all have never worked that much in my life EVER. I had a whole year where I chose to try financing myself. More work = less travelling. Full time studies. I worked my ass off to pay for school and a living. I lost someone near my to my heart. TWICE. I missed out on my annual summer with my friends back home, I missed out on Christmas with my family. For anyone that knows me this is so important to me. I’ve never missed out on Christmas and summer with my family. This was the first time in my 23 years of living so it did feel tough. Sickness. At some points I didn’t do so well… This also resulted in me having less time blogging, less time at the gym. It all felt hard at the time, but looking back at it, I learned so much. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have the worst year ever. Just the toughest so far. It kinda made me realize how good of a life I’ve had. And have. And just makes me grateful for everything that I’ve been given and have gotten to experience throughout my life. And specially all the people around me. Especially Tom, I know he must have had enough at some point, hehe.

girl taking selfie beach pattaya

Looking back at it, there are so many amazing things that happened too. We had our Lofoten and Norway trip in January, my mom came to visit in Thailand several time during the year. We went to Chiang Rai for Tom’s birthday. We went to Phuket and visited the most beautiful island we have ever been on Koh Tachai. Tom won a stay at the Anantara in Trang, so we got to go back to watch our favourite sunset location. And even though I didn’t get a day off for my birthday, I had the best day EVER all thanks to Tom. I love this guy so much!And the craziest thing ever, I won a fully sponsored trip by Sony to New York for two during the autumn. We made the most of it visiting Norway for a week, then a couple of nights in Amsterdam followed london and visiting my family in Spain. And in December, we had an amazing trip to Singapore and chilled at the Valley Wing at the Shangri-la and got to play at the Christmas Wonderland during the evenings. We also got the most incredible gift for Christmas. We adopted a frenchie named Diego. You will see lots of him here on my blog or on instagram.

half thai couple kissing

So… for this year I’ve made some new years resolutions. I always think this is such a lame thing to do, as so many set goals that aren’t realisitc or just don’t bother following them. But sometimes people need a list or goals to follow.  Otherwise it just falls through the cracks and is forgotten. I’ve made mine simple, but it will take some work to push myself to keep doing it. And so far…for 15 days hehe, it’s been going well… 

Train more. I need to get back into shape again. Not sure if I’m going for skinny fit or muscular yet, but I’m just going to push myself at being consistent with my training.

Eat healthy. This doesn’t mean I’m only eating chicken and broccoli and cutting sugars completely. it just means I’m staying more aware about what I put in my mouth. No more pizza almost every day and candies before bed. I know, it’s crazy I have to put this as a goal but I LOVE to pig out.  Stress less.

Work on starting something on my own.

Read more. Study harder.

Travel more. Even if it means weekend trips to close by beaches or cities. I’m gonna make it work.

Explore more. All from new dining places, museums, parts of the city I haven’t visited. 

Blog more. Take more photos! 

Make more time for my closest ones.

Coconut everything. Meaning I’m going to slowly change main source of oil to coconut oils. Also try to drink a coconut a day. It gives you so much more energy. Makes you feel good and is amazing for you. We have been reading up on the benefits of coconut oil lately and the results of studies is just insane. I’ll share some with you later.

What are your new years resolutions?






New years in Bangkok

It’s hard to find something to do for New Years in Bangkok if you’re not into a big crowd, but want good food and drinks while still getting to witness the fireworks. You could always go to one of the fancy rooftops like Sirocco at the Lebua state tower, but 50.000 baht is a bit too much considering it’s just been Christmas.

Our New years crew

Our New years crew

This was actually the first New Years I’ve spent in Bangkok, actually even in Thailand, and I was dreading having to celebrate in a crowded area having to push my way through the crowd and thousands of tourists trying to watch the fireworks at the same time. After going through our options we decided we wanted to watch the fireworks at the Chao Phraya river leaving us two options that seemed like fun; also, it was two options that wasn’t fully booked yet. Make sure you make a booking at least a month in advance to get good seating or even seating at all.

New years kiss 2016 <3

New years kiss 2016 <3

We were left with either drinks and dinner at The Deck or a river cruise along the river. Our first option was already fully booked so we ended up going on The Chao Phraya Princess. The cruise lasted from 11pm to 1 am and had an open bar and a better than expected international and Thai buffet.

Fireworks at the river is super pretty!

Fireworks at the river is super pretty!

When our Uber arrived River City we were met by hundreds of tourists singing and wearing yellow matching beanies, none were dressed up and we were already starting to regret our decision. After a while we agreed on brushing away the negativity as that would not make it any better for anyone of us. It didn’t help when the lady at the check-in counter told us she had given away our seats and now we would have to sit inside the boat.

Open bar rules!

Open bar rules!

Fast forward, our boat arrived and it was amazing. The boat was beautifully decorated for New years with lots of fun props. We got a seat in semi-open air on the second floor, and it couldn’t have been much better. The boat was fully booked but it was still enough staff and area meaning we didn’t have to spend much time queueing up. We all know how depressing it is when we have to queue up for the open bar…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I would not mind doing this all over again next year. If you’re having troubles deciding what to do for next New years eve, going on a river cruise is highly recommended!


Until next time xoxo