Home is where the heart is<3

I fall deeper in love with my mothers home village every time I go there. Being there, surrounded by fresh air, nature, calmness and positive people just makes your brain go wild and think freely. It’s like a meditation for my brain and I end up somewhere else, but still complete connected to everyone around me. It’s hard to explain! The phone is also less used which honestly, I find to be the best feeling ever. I rarely come upon such easy going, simple and selfless people in my life. They posses a lot less items than us, yet they seem to have everything they need. They probably have fewer years of school than us Bangkokians, yet they seem 100 years wiser than us. It’s true happiness. I’m really glad I’ve had time to go there so often lately to see my grandparents!

Golden sunsets in Isaan!

Super zoom. But I had to show you the level of mutualism and happiness here!

So many doggies around the streets. Normally everyone let their gates open for the doggies to roam around. So cute. Puppies everywhere and they are all being fed and taken care of.

One happy Diego!

My neighbour got this from her tree and came to offer us some. So fresh, sweet and yummy. It wasn’t even refrigerated, but still super nice.

I brought along Diego this time, as the cold season is here and he can roam around in the garden freely and not in any risk of heat stroke. I think it’s the happiest I have ever seen him. He ran around for hours and got cuddles wherever he went. That being said, he was quite the rascal to other dogs, and there was no way he was letting them in to play on his property without ether playing with him or fighting with him… He also encountered his first meeting with a chicken and I have to say he seemed very surprised and curious to what this creature was.

I can’t wait to go back to Surin again! <3

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