Flying high with dinner in the Sky, Bangkok

Most of you might have noticed the giant crane lurking in the construction site in Sukhumvit soi 22. You might also have seen that table flying in the sky during night time. That’s Dinner In The Sky Bangkok. A concept starting in Belgium in 2006 and has successfully spread over 40 countries. I’ve always wanted to go, so I was quite excited when they decided to choose Bangkok as their next location. I was even happier when Tom surprised me with seats for Christmas!

couple at dinner in the sky Bangkok

Getting ready to go up! Remember to order your drinks before going up. Mmmm… the bottle of red was outstanding!

table flying in the sky bangkok

Borrowed from Dinner In The Sky Bangkok Facebook page.

It’s quite an unique experience. You are pretty much dining floating in the air, seated in racing car seats with seat belts under and over you. There’s some loss of mobility whilst eating, but you are still able to enjoy your meal. Also, the view you get in return is worth it. I would rather wear those belts than ascending 50 meters up in the sky without them. At first there are butterflies in the stomach, and holding your phone to take photos makes your palms sweaty, but it doesn’t take long before you settle in and get comfortable. There are no floors by the way!

dinner in the sky bangkok

Try to get these corner seats- definitely the best view you can have, looking both directions!

Couple taking selfie in the air at dinner in the sky bangkok

If this doesn’t require a selfie than I don’t know!

The food was surprisingly delicious. I was catered by Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit. Tom had the lamb and I had ribs- perfectly slow cooked ribs that is. The starters were just ok, beef carpaccio salad followed by gazpacho. Though it seemed like the rest of the passengers loved it, so don’t take my word for it. I’ve never been a cold soup person! The dessert was a fruity passion fruit cheese cake with matcha ice cream and berries.  I was already full by that time, but it was delcious.

We had seat number 14 and 15 and got an unblocked view of the city and the park in the background. I would recommend you to come early to choose your own seats, as the corner seats are definitely the best view point. For a better view you can also recline your seats laying down after your meal- I dare you!

Book your seats here. They are running out and are only here until February.

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  1. Pan says:

    I saw many diff times on the page. Which one you recommend? Is evening better?

  2. Tom says:

    Lucky it wasn’t too windy!

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