Perfect summer break

girls in spain

Tbt to Valencia two years ago! Time flies!

girl in from of buckingham palace

Tom’s is half English so we try to go London whenever we are in Europe!

couple kissing in from of fountain in Valencia

Spain rules…

to girls sitting in guadalest on summer holiday

We would always come here to enjoy the view when I lived in Spain. Behind me you can see some of the town, Guadalest.

So excited for the summer holiday to start. We are flying in to Norway o the 8th of August and are planning to stay there all until the 23rd. Then we are flying to London for 5 days to hang out in London and see Eminem at Reading Festival. We’ve also managed to squeeze in a couple of nights in Lisbon. From then on we’ll go chill in Barcelona for a couple of days until finally we get to see my mom and sister in Spain again. I can’t believe I haven’t visited them for two years now, and actually haven’t seen my little sister since! I’m so excited to see my mom’s restaurant too and I’m so happy that she finally has realised her dream of opening her own Thai restaurant. If you’re ever in Benidorm, Jindeeka is the name!

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