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Thanks to EVLUTION NUTRITION for my stash!

After years of doing strength training I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve always seen cardio, high reps and running as a challenge, and never really focused on those parts at all, unless it was for aesthetics. My “strength” training the past year was more in the direction of a lean body accompanied with a more calorie restricted diet, not really with any purpose at all. Just looking somewhat fit. That being said, this period has been much more enjoyable than when I was just focusing on the numbers and being stronger everyday. Because that also meant hitting the right macros. It takes time which I haven’t had much of lately. I think losing weight is a lot easier than gaining weight in the right way. Gaining requires a lot of counting calories and (for me) loosing weight can be as easy as cutting out egg yolks, fats and treats while increasing my protein intake. But remember, every body works differently! The main reason for this change is that the Spartan race is coming to Thailand in September and I’ll be joining it! I’ve just started Guava Pass again to try improve my cardio with HIIT classes and boot camps and wow, I’m in bad shape. I’m positive we’ll have some fun though and I’m actually quite excited for it! 3.5 months to go!

If you are thinking about joining the Spartan race, use my code “anitabye” when you sign up to get a better price.

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    You should share your Spartan Race code!

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