Back on a fresh start

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Hi all my lovely readers. I’m sorry I haven’t updated you guys much lately.  As I mentioned earlier I’ve been finishing up my thesis, and now I’m finally done. There were also events after events last month and I just could not miss Together Festival. The first day was quite disappointing actually, I had expected so much more from Martin Garrix and Marshmello. The second day was amazing though, Axwell & Ingrosso killed it and Armin had a finale show like no other. I want to say that I’m resting forever after this- and I am.. just not today, as it’s gonna be the Cinco De Mayo of the year at Casa Azul tonight. Though I have been doing a 6 day juice cleanse from Lifestyle Juicery which has definitely helped me back to a fresh start. More about the juicing, Maldives and what I’ve been up to lately tomorrow! <3

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