Fast results with Opalescence Go!

holding opalescence go box

Love the packaging! Isn’t it pretty? I have the 10% solution as my teeth are a little sensitive. You can go both stronger and weaker.

The trays are really easy to put on, it’s marked with L for lower and U for upper. You just open the plastic and place the trays over your teeth. Then bite your teeth together and remove the orange plastic from your teeth. You’ll be left with a thin layer of see-through sheets with bleach.

Put on one side at the time before you bite your teeth together. I found that it worked better this way. This is how it looks! You should store your trays in the fridge for them to stick even better.

After two treatments of Opalescence GO

Loving my results so far with Opalescence GO. I stopped at 3 days of treatment as I didn’t want to go any whiter. One box was more than enough for  two people actually. I still keep a couple in the fridge for touch up, but haven’t used it yet as the results is long-lasting. One tips for optimal lasting effect is to drink your drinks with a straw (especially coffee) and stick to white wine. (Buy a reusable straw to have with you all the time. Looks classy, cheap, good for your teeth and the big bonus, less plastic for the environment! You can buy a Glass or Stainless Steel straw for only 1 $.) Also steer away from coloured food. But obviously don’t forget to enjoy your life!  

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