As dreamy as it seems…

Maldives have been nothing short of a dream so far. The endless blue waters and white sandy  beaches. Anantara Dhigu is actually a family  resort-island but yet it is so quiet and peaceful here. We’ve been soaking up the sun all day and gazed at the stars during night time. The night sky is so beautiful here! Yesterday we went for a SPA treatment and it was the best one we’ve ever had. The masseuses are from Thailand, higly skilled with firm  hands,but the location is what makes it. It’s surrounded with turquoise blue water and  sunshine, I’m not even exaggerating. It lifts your mood right from the start and creates a perfect  feeling. The window under your massage table let’s you stare right into the ocean. You can even watch the sunset from the jacuzzi at the end. Amazing! 

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