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I’ve been using Opalescence Go for a couple of days now and I can honestly say it’s the best teeth whitening home kit I have ever used. It does not hurt my teeth (at least I can’t feel any pain) and the results are already there after the first day. I normally use the Crest Whitening strips, but they are hard to get your hands on here in Thailand. The price for the Cest strips are cheaper, but the time it takes to see the results are longer. I also feel that the Crest strips fades away in a short time, so I’m excited to see how long the results from Opalescense Go lasts.
teeth whitening melon thailand

teeth whitening tray opalescence go

trays from opalescence go

opalescence go box

holding opalescence go box

My teeth are already pretty white compared to the norm, something that makes it hard for me to use home whitening kits because it normally won’t get much whiter. I usually have to go to the dentist for a UV-treatment, which is:

  1. Painful,
  2. Time consuming
  3. Expensive

If you are looking for white teeth and fast results, I can really recommend this product. You can buy your box of Opalescense Go from your dentist here in Thailand for 4-5000 baht. Each box contains 10 pair of (upper and lower) trays. There are also different strength on the whitening, where I have the middle one, which is 10%. It’s recommended to use the whitening for 5 days in a row and use the rest for touch-ups. I’ve been using only three already and might stop there and use the rest for touch ups.  I’m actually wearing the trays now, so I will show you guys my results once today’s treatment is over and let you guys know how to use them. It is so easy!

If you’re having troubles at finding a dentist selling the product, you can leave them a message on facebook.


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  1. Tom says:

    Oh man, these things truly did work eh?

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