Reflections after my detox and stay at the LifeCo Phuket

I obtained some great results staying at the LifeCo. Not only did I feel healthier and more relaxed but I actually lost a couple of kilos as well. I’m well aware that a detox isn’t all about losing weight, but for me this was a good motivational factor to keep me going. It’s important to have something to keep you going while on a detox, especially if you haven’t done it before. Remember to always have an open mind when trying it- scepticism before visiting is normal and of course allowed, but don’t let it define you. Take it seriously for the period of stay. It’s not easy.



Loved the balcony view…


As I mentioned earlier I like the way LifeCo has built their premises and programs- they have everything you need on site, nutrition, activities (mandala painting, lifestyle lectures, yoga, meditation, sonic therapy, steam room, infrared saunas, massages, beach walks, food courses, excursions to markets ++), motivational staff, doctors, colon cleansing, library, IV treatments, bikes to get around the area. There isn’t many outside factors that are going to disturb you while you’re trying to focus on cleansing your body. You really don’t have to leave the LifeCo center at all to achieve great results.
girl walking detox lifeco phuket

There is plenty of programs you can take part of, daily, weekly or even monthly. Some people stay here for months. I think this is a great solution if you’re trying to get away from bad habits that you may have at home (drugs, alcohol, even sugar addiction!) You can discover your health and beauty for a day (for only 1600 baht) or you can stay there on a full detox program, (all inclusive, 405 EUR). The daily program is a taste of what the detox is about, you choose either health or beauty, one including Juice and a raw vegan meal + massage and the other a SAF-Raw meal and facial treatment. Both gives you access to the pool, sauna & steam room and live blood analysis & body composition. We went for the all-inclusive and stayed for 5 days. You can choose between a Master Detox, Green Juice Detox, Green Salad Detox, Ketogenic diet for cancer patients, low-calorie diet and anti-aging programs and Diabetes regulation programs. They have something that fits everyone- I would say it’s better to choose something after talking to the experts, unless you have a clear goal.



The last day we got to try out the low calorie program- here having some cottage cheese wrapped in beetroot with parsley dressing and probiotics and vitamins. It was nice to finally get to chew one something.


This raw salad tasted amazing- served with a Thai sesame dressing. I can’t believe it’s all healthy!


Cheese cake made out of coconut meat and coloured by butterfly peas. Surprisingly satisfying.

girl pool detox lifeco phuket

There’s pools everywhere around the facility.

The master detox regime (which is the fastest and recommended way to cleanse your body) included 5 daily vegetable juices + some fruit juice and bentonite clay. The rest was wheatgrass shots, lemon juice and Himalayan salt water. If you do crave something warm there is unlimited herbal tea and vegetable soup. But nothing to chew on as we want to relax our digestive system.

girl detox lifeco phuket with green juice

I wasn’t a big fan of having all my juices all the time… but you need to finish them all otherwise you will get hungry. I really like that the staff is so passionate about this- explaining to you why you need to have your drink, but also making sure you drink it. The area is not too big so they always know where you are, chilling the pool, having a yoga session, hanging out in your room- your drinks will be served in time.

girl detox lifeco phuket

I wasn’t a big fan of having all my juices all the time… but you need to otherwise you will get hungry and lethargic. I really like that the staff is so passionate about this- explaining to you why you need to have your drink, but also making sure you drink it. They will find you- either that be chilling by the pool, having a yoga session, hanging out in your room… your drinks will be served on time.


I think everyone should go for a detox once in a while or even once in their lives to cleanse their body from toxins from their daily life either that be food, chemicals, stress or a negative mind- or simply because you have an unhealthy lifestyle and need someone to guide you to a better path. The low-calorie diet has nice raw food and salads that could definitely help you lose some- or if you stay for a longer period many kilos. There are mostly people from 35+ that visit this center, you might need it more the older you get, but I would say it’s suitable for people from 25 and onwards aswell. I like the message the project manager and nutrition expert told me, that my body is the most precious and expensive thing I have, why would I fuel it with junk and toxins? Why not give it the best of the best- and always take care of it. Because you’re going to live in that body forever.


What’s special with this place is the people. They believe in what they do. They live and breathe for what they do. When you talk to them you get a genuine feeling that they want to help you and guide you to a better lifestyle. They emphasize on the life after the stay so you don’t bounce back unprepared to the life you had before. Staying at the LifeCo is a life lesson…



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