Walking along the streets of Oslo

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

There’s something special about walking along the streets of Oslo during summer time. You can hear children laughing and see families sitting in the sun eating food, drinking wine and having unlimited amounts of ice cream. People finally get to wear their skirts and short sleeves that has been tucked away in the closet for ¾ of the year.  In that moment you realize just how precious summer time is for everyone in Norway.

girl walking around in Oslo

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

There’s endless amounts of great places to eat in Oslo, but if you’re ever in the area please have some charcoal grilled burgers and beers at Illegal burger and also if you still have room for more food: the best Kebab in history (I’m not kidding) at Bislett Kebab House. Another must is to visit the 22 July Information Center. It’s located in the high-rise building in the government centre where the horrible bombings started on the 22 july 2011 and displays the timeline from that day. There’s also a room dedicated to the 77 victims. It’s very emotional but worth the visit.

Is Oslo on your bucketlist?



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