How to make the perfect roadtrip with only 7 days in Norway

Our trip to Norway this summer was amazing. I think this is the first summer ever that we’ve travelled domestically during the whole holiday. We went on a one week road trip, exploring Norway’s beautiful scenery and camping sites (we stayed in our tent pretty much every night). We started in Levanger early in the morning to catch the sight of Trollstigen before it got dark. Unfortunately it was a bit foggy that day and we couldn’t enjoy the view from the top, but the drive was awesome. All the fog made it feel like we were a lot higher up than we were.

Beware of trolls!

Our goal was to reach Geiranger Camping so we could go on a fjord cruise the day after and we made it just before closing time. The road down to the city (Ørneveien) is crazy, so many turns and a crazy view!

Tom finally got to see his Seven sisters waterfalls too which was pretty amazing.

Tom finally got to see his Seven Sisters waterfalls, he’s been on about it for years hehe. It’s funny, for us Norwegians, Seven Sisters would be the mountain range in Bergen, but EVERY tourist relates to the waterfalls.

google maps route norway

Camping spots: Geiranger camping, Jostedal camping, Odda camping. All very nice and clean. We stopped by the supermarket and bought a disposable grill and had a bbq pretty much every night. So cosy!

The second day was spent driving to Jostedal camping. It was a bit of a detour as we wanted to join the ice trolls for some Glacier kayaking. They only offer their kayaking tour in Austdalsbreen, which was a bit out of the way we were going but it was totally worth it! It’s so pretty and clear you’re not going to believe it. The best part? Pretty much no tourists.


Crazy scenery during the glacier trekking!


12 km return to get to the glaciers. Pretty tough actually. Check out Icetroll for more adventures, they’re awesome!


Love <3


We drove straight to Bergen after the glacier walking and kayaking. I think we arrived at around 2 am… I was dead after all the driving. I’m also not a fan of driving through tunnels, and especially not during night-time when I’m sleepy. The drive to Bergen is full of tunnels! 


The Unesco World Heritage site Bryggen in the background.

We spent most of our time just walking around bryggen, eating seafood and window shopped. Bergen has such a nice summer vibe.


We went on the famous Fløybanen to watch the city from above. You can also walk if you want to.


girl on bridge in norway

Our last destination was  Odda. We stayed there for two days trying to catch good weather so we could walk up to Trolltunga, but our time never came. We still had an amazing time, and are already planning to do another road trip around Norway.

Borgund Stave church

Made a little pit stop at Borgund Stave church. It looks like something taken out of Lord Of The Rings!

girl bridging in Geiranger



Four things to bring on a road trip through during summer time:

Student ID will give you discounts while travelling around Norway.

Tent and sleeping gear, you can camp anywhere in Norway, but… I still stop at camping sites and pay the fee, it’s safer and you’ll have access to showers and toilets.

Trekking boots and runners, you’ll need the boots for tougher terrain and glacier walking, but you want something lighter like runners or normal shoes for daytime walks in the city.

Rain clothes and layers, even if you’re going during summer time, this is Norway, so expect to wear lots of clothes.


TIPS:  if you are under 26 years, Norwegian offers some great youth deals within Norway. Use the code UNDER26 at checkout and you will find tickets at only 399kr each way. SAS has a similar deal for 499kr. It’s pretty sweet when you’re booking last minute. 




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