Where to find the best Pad Thai in the world

I’ve never had to line up for Pad Thai anywhere else in Thailand, though it seems to be the norm  at Thipsamai. The queue is quite long, but people normally finishes their food in 15 minutes, so don’t freak out and run away. I think the longest I’ve waited is around 30 minutes. I would avoid going during day time, as the outside area where you line up is the kitchen, meaning you will get added heat from the cooking.

best pad thai in the world thipsamai

Delicious Pad Thai Gong covered in egg. Did I mention they have the best orange juice in Thailand as well?

It’s quite addictive to see them flip the pad thai and egg on repeat, they are so fast! I think that Pad Thai is pretty delicious no matter what, but this place has the little extra and some more making it worth the visit. And who can say no to eating at the place that has been awarded the best Pad Thai in the world?



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