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I’ve always wondered what I’m missing out on while studying distance and living in Bangkok. Crazy  partying, interacting with other students in real life, and just living my life like student in Oslo. I have a couple of yearly seminars I need to attend to be able to take my exams and in these brief moments I do catch a glimse of the world outside my world and I’m happy I’m living in Thailand.  Living like a student in Norway is though, in most cases (in big cities that is) you’re most likely going to need to find a room mate. Gosh, you might even have to share with several of other people. I think I would crack already there. We’re talking small apartments and in most cases sharing with someone you don’t know. There’s also the cold weather in the winter which somehow makes me depressed. I almost get anxiety walking around during winter times. I’m not talking Christmas times and snow because I looove that! All in all I do miss my friends and family a lot and always wish I could stay longer at home, but then I think about when I used to live at home and was longing to go somewhere else. Conclusion; I’m gonna stick around in Bangkok for a while!



  1. Anne says:

    Where are you studying? How is it to live in Bangkok compared to Norway, is it hard to settle? I also want to study distance and live somewhere else.

    • Anita says:

      I’m studying at a Norwegian university called Atlantis Medical. I think settling in Bangkok was pretty easy, but then again I have been in Thailand plenty of times before. You should def do it if you have the chance, it’s always nice with something new!

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