Birthday celebrations in the rain

Too bad we forgot to ask the weather Gods for good weather for my birthday. We had rain and clouds pretty much all the time during our stay at Railay Beach. Luckily me and Tom are pretty similar and not too picky making us able to have fun pretty much anywhere and situation. Even if that means hanging out in our hotel bed laughing at dumb stuff while eating take away pizza, chips AND candies.

couple leapkiss railay beach

How crazy is it that we got moments of sun to take our #leapkiss photo!

The first night we stayed at the Sand Sea Resort which is located right where you get off the longtail boat from Ao Nang to Railay East. I got us a room upgrade with a view and was very satisfied with it. The regular rooms on the other hand didn’t look like anything special.  BUT, great location!  

The calm before the storm, hehe

The calm before the storm, hehe

Railay Bay Krabi

Anyone that’s been to Krabi would be able to guess where this is just from looking at his photo.

The rain went away as the sun set so we still had time to chill by the beach while eating seafood and watching the fireshow. PERFECT island vibe! It’s so weird  that Krabi isn’t an island. It sure feels like it.

Railay West, compared to the East side; there’s a large beach here. Making it a lot more expensive. I dolove  the beach on the Phra Nang beach too , the suset is amazing!

The second day of our trip we actually had 3 hours of sun, so you can imagine we were at the beach soaking it all up, having ice cold juices and taking the photos we needed. At one point it got so hot we had to go to walking street to cool down. Right when the smoothie lady was saying how lucky we were with the weather…the storm arrived.

Our time on the West side and the beach had come to an end and we were finally spending some time on the East side, where (in my opinion) the fun is!Also… the food and drinks costs half the price on the East side and it’s only a 2 minute walk from the beach side. I think most people don’t realize this, as they tend to just stay on the side where they have their hotel.


I knew Tom had booked us a night at the  Bhu Nga Thani but I was super surprised when we arrived and he had booked us an amazing private pool villa. It was perfect! Especially with the weather we had. I want to keep the photos about the hotel for my next post, as it was so special it deserves a post of its own.

Love this guy with all my heart <3

Because of the weather we choose to not climb during this trip, nor do any island hopping. I think this trip just proves how amazing Krabi is though. You can have a BLAST there no matter what <3

Until next time xxx


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