Bhu Nga Thani and private pool villa fun

We had the most amazing stay at Bhu Nga Thani in Krabi. I would give it a 100% overall score. The place is clean and beautiful and the staff super adorable and helpful. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful hotels on Railay beach.
couple selfie pool villa

girl watching the view

This is the view from the East side of Krabi… No beach, but beautiful nature and Mangrove forests…

The hotel is located right next to Railay princess on Railay East side meaning it will be just at the end of the walkway that connects with the beach. It’s also right where the East side pier to Ao Nang is, so you get to chill at your hotel right until departure.

The view gets even prettier as the sun sets and the restaurant is placed right on the edge, meaning you can stare right into the deep for as long as you need to, hehe! The view is partly covered by longtail boats and mangrove trees which is picture perfect if you ask me.

girl in pool krabi

Loved the private pool and outside area!

The hotel is just stunning!

girl stretching pool villa bhu nga thani

If you walk even further along the East side of Railay there’s many restaurants and bars all ranged from backpacker style to luxury. They even have a super delicious pizza restaurant and many friendly reggae bars. If you walk even further into the woods there’s also nice night hangouts but keep in mind that you will need to cover yourself completely in mosquito repellent.

birthday girl and cake in bed

Birthday girl!! Someone “forgot” to bring make-up for the trip, hehehe 😀

handsome man looking outside

The view from the bed overlooking the pool area

girl sitting next to pool with flower in her hair

Honeymoon cocktail

Cocktails with a view… this was their honeymoon cocktail and came with the room. So tasty!

The overall experience of the hotel will still be the same even if you go for the normal rooms, but if you want to make the most of it- I would recommend you to book the pool villa. We had the best time there! And OMG, the bed was super soft. There’s (obviously) a private pool but also a nicely sized jacuzzi to play around in and not to mention the nice inside and outside area to chill. It’s so worth it.

I’ll definitely stay here again during next visit.


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