Celebrating 17th of May in Bangkok

We got to celebrate 17th of May this year around too. We started the day with marching in the parade at the Norwegian ambassador’s garden, followed by hotdogs and ice cream just like back home. I was surprised that there are so many Norwegians living here permanently. It obviously wasn’t the same as back home but definitely as good as I had been hoping for. The 17th of May committee had put so much work into the event!

girl on 17th of May in Bangkok holding a flag

Hipp hipp hurra!

couple on the 17th of May in Bangkok



Can you believe it was this many people? And so many had brought their national suit “bunad” from Norway…


Photo 17.05.2016, 20.14.44

Yummy foods served at the Sheraton





For the adults there was a gala dinner at the Sheraton Grande in Asoke where we had some drinks and Norwegian food. Of course Norwegian salmon was on the menu this year as well… when are they gonna pick up the “Sodd” tradition from my part of the country?

Sorry for the bad picture quality, I only brought my phone out…



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