Countdown for Noway!!!

I’m beyond excited for our trip to Norway. I think we’ve got everything planned so far. We are going from 6th to the 24th of July and are mainly focusing of travelling around Norway. There are so many nice places to visit, and since I’ve taken Tom to the North a couple of times now I thought the South would be a nice change for the summer.


These pics are from our last trip to Lofoten <3



We’re going to drive down to Åndalsnes to see the famous Trollstigen and Trollveggen. After that we are heading to Geiranger to do some fjord sightseeing. We are also going to try to do some kayaking next to the glaciers around Jostedalsbreen and maybe visit Stryn and see some lakes on the way. Then we’re doing a long drive down to Bergen and Odda to trek the Trolltunga. It’s going to be around 27 hours of driving on this trip so that’s going to be interesting. Agh, I can’t wait to see some beautiful nature and scenery and camp and chill out in cabins around Norway. That’s truly one of the best things to do there during summer times. If we do have the time I think we will try to drive through Lom on the way and trek Galdhøpiggen as well!
We’re also spending a couple of days in Oslo at the end of our trip and are going to try to time it for a  beer tasting event. I also really want to take Tom to Tusenfryd my favourite place during my childhood.

The last time we went during winter, we visited Lofoten and had only 4 hours where the sun was out. Can you imagine that? The sun was rising at 9 am and set at 1 pm. This time we’ll get to hang out in the midnight sun. <3

Have you ever been to Norway? What’s your favourite place?



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