Road trip to Phu Kradung

One of my favourite trekking places in Thailand must be Phu Kradung. It’s actually quite the workout and the reward you get when you reach the peak is just amazing. We all know how it is to trek around Thailand during winter times, or anywhere with a jungle terrain. It’s pretty dry and pretty much brown the whole way. Now I’m not saying I’m not a fan of that. It’s an easy terrain to walk in (if it’s not wet), but there isn’t much view other than bamboo and some green leaf and ancient elvish trees. I love to walk around and pick up leaves and things that I imagine doesn’t belong in the area and then dream about the evolution of the plants and where they came from. It’s on these nature trips that you truly appreciate those things you learnt in biology class and it really makes me rethink the world. Like seriously. I think that’s why I love the nature so much. I love my quiet times and getting to unwind and just think and think and think.

girl stretching in nature

There are some viewing points on the way up

girl sitting on a bike in cliff view

You can rent bikes and go to see all the pretty sandstone cliffs


Beautiful sunset… this was on the way back tho, if you do want to watch the sunset or sunrise from the mountains you need to spend the night

boy_watching _Sunet_thailand

Fuji of Thailand, Phu Pa Poh also in Loei province.


Our bungalow we stayed at in Loei, right outside Phu Kradung national park


Cabbage field in Petchabun, right after ascending Phu Tubberk.

Anyways, now I’m totally off the subject which was the rewarding view you get on top. There’s viewpoints pretty much everywhere and so many beautiful cliffs you can chill at. The sky is turquoise blue and the sun is shining in a pleasant way. You have two options, you can either ascend in the early am and descend in the afternoon or you can camp on the top and stay a couple of nights. Next time I will do option number two, as there is plenty to see on the top. We walked up in the morning, and was pretty sad to find out we had to descend by 2 pm the latest. I guess it’s better to be safe. I think the expected time to go up is 4 hours, but if you have a decent fitness level and don’t spend too much time eating or chilling on the way up I think you can do it in around 2.5. And by the way the food on the mountain is delicious. It could be partly because of the exhaustion and that we didn’t eat on the way up, but mmmm. You gotta make a pit stop! We had some amazing omelet and pad krapow moo.You can rent bikes on the top to look around the mountain too, so I’d recommend you be by the gate when they open at 8 am to get a good start. I was really sad to not spend the night there, but then again it was FREEZING during night-time. I’m already dreaming about going back.


What’s your favourite nature spot in Thailand?


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