Chillin in the Thai rainforest

As I mentioned earlier we were planning to go camping for our trekking and nature trip up North for Tom’s birthday. We had bought our camping gear beforehand and was ready to go. Little did we know about the cold weather that was lying ahead of us. I mean it was FREEZING. It’s already cold up North/Northeast during the winter months, but this time it was extra cold, and they actually told us it was the coldest day this year. So, we played it smart and rented bungalows as we went, which was still pretty cold. Let’s just say we did not use the aircon in any of the places.

boy standing in front of rain forest hotel phitsanulok

Entrance to the hotel from the main road.

On the day of Tom’s birthday, we wanted to stay somewhere nice, so we went on Agora to see if we could get a place with a nice view or even a place with a pool we could hang out by. There were LOTS of options. At this time we were heading to Phitsanulok. After Tom got some time thinking he thought it would be nice to stay somewhere eco-friendly, which I think was a great idea and started googling up something while Tom was driving. This led to me finding the Rain Forest Resort which lies in the outskirts of Phitsanulok. The drive was around 3 hours from Phu Kradung and we arrived after sunset. The hotel is beautiful, full of nature and animal sounds.


Thea pathway into the jungle and our bungalow.

It’s kind of weird as the hotel is located right next to the motorway, but once you enter the hotel, you see greens for as long as the eye can see, and a nice river running through. Now don’t go expecting some Khao Sok or Pai scenery, but for what it was, and where this was located it was beautiful. We got a bungalow with a river view which was perfect. It had a nice outside area where you could chill on the balcony and connect with the nature. It was even nicer the next day after sunrise where you could go and chill on rocks at the river, or even something more comfortable as shaded seating raised on pillars. You can also get a massage there, which we unfortunately didn’t have time to.


Perfect spot to be in your own thoughts…


So serene <3



The breakfast was nice too, and they grow their own vegetables. It was so good we actually bought some for home. I was so jealous when Tom chose a salad instead of fruits, as I expected it to be a normal Thai salad. You know the kind with Oak salad, tomatoes and carrot served with this weird slimy white sauce from Big C… I wished they baked their own bread though, or made their own jam. We didn’t have dinner there, so it might be more homegrown things on the menu then.


You can chill by the river and get a massage here. Perfect spot!


Birthday boiii, so cute!


All in all, we were very satisfied with the hotel. The rooms were nice. It was possible to unwind in the nature, even if it was next to the motorway…. The reason why I mention this twice is because we read beforehand that it was noisy but we did not experience this at all. BUT, we did get a bungalow on the river. I think the hotel rooms are located by the road. Meaning, you will be dissapointed if you’re out for a quick stop and saving money. But if you love nature, and don’t mind spending the little extra. I think you’ll really like it. And also, be prepared for some lukewarm showers, which was pretty cold during the winter months.






  1. L.L. says:

    Hi I Came across your blog, I’m also half Thai living in the US. I love your food/travel photos, makes me miss Thailand. keep them coming..xx

    • Anita says:

      Aw, glad you like it. Thank you! 🙂 i just read about your products. What a great and kind idea helping out small family businesses around SE Asia. ❤️

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