Perfect place for work and playtime

Found an awesome new dog friendly cafe at Ozono in soi Sukhumvit 39.. It’s called Dog Rocks and is also a bike shop/showroom. The food is just alright, but the working environment is perfect. It’s so easy to get things done there, but at the same time you get to bring your little doggie to play. The owner has a playful dog that loves to roll around with Diego while we’re working. Luckily they both don’t bark, hehe. There’s also a grass area outside where you can take your canine friend for walks  and to relieve itself. We all know how hard it is to find chill and dog friendly places in Bangkok this place is top grade!

Note: It’s closed on Mondays.

girl looking at camera

Anyone else having troubles with freckles in the summer?

girl posing in from of camera wearing crop top and split skirt


girl walking her dog at ozono park in bangkok

The outside area at Ozono.

Gonna talk Diego for some walkies and get some noodles from our soi. The guy opposite of our building makes the best sen lek with chicken!! Then I’m gonna try going upstairs to the gym to do some HIT followed by tanning by the pool before…I have to go to work.




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