Cheese from Spain and Muay Thai

I’ve been away from writing lately, but for those days you can follow me on snapchat or instagram. The weekend was chill.  We’ve been at Ikea… one of my most favorite places in the world. Don’t ask me why…Hanging out at Tom’s restaurant Casa Azul, which has the best game setup in Bangkok, AND nachos if anyone is into that (who isn’t?!) . 

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I tried Muay thai with Tom at the Kru Dam gym. My shin is bruised. No kidding. It was really fun, but definitely something I need to get used to. My kicks sucks. My mom is in Thailand now, and brought me lots of yummy cheese and cold cuts from Spain, and my favourite Ajo and Perejil stocks that can be used to make the best carbonara EVER. So if you’re in the neighborhood you know where to go for eats! She’s heading to Surin to visit my grandparents first so I’ll be following her next weekend for some family times. I seriously can’t wait.

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I’m missing my family so much these days and hoping my siblings will move down here someday soon. Oh, how school and work is always in the way, hehe. I’ve also started cooking at home. I’m sick of working around soi 11, there’s hardly any good food  there. I’ve said to myself I won’t stress with dieting or finding a new workout program until April starts… but when I start cooking at home I get so obsessed with egg white omelets, rice and chicken, broccoli and salads haha. But… going out shopping for food also makes me go crazy over the cereals and chips on the shelves as well. But it honestly doesn’t bother me. April it is, no stress.

girl looking at camera inside window

Love my new shoes! So plain and comfy. Been looking for these for ages!!!

Oh Tuesday again… the longest working day of the week. It actually isn’t that bad. But hard to get any extra work done when I get home at 11 in the evening. But then again, I do have the whole day for myself before work seeing I don’t start until 3, which is AWESOME. The clock is about to turn in Norway though, so It will be one hour earlier from the 25th which will be a good change.

What are you doing on this long Tuesday?

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