Elephant polo and weekend fun!

You have no idea how happy I am about it being friday. Only 5 hours of work today. I’m definitely making myself a fatty lunch today just to celebrate. Did someone say carbonara? I think I’ll swing my the gym after work though, as I’m planning to have fun times this weekend. I’ll be at the King’s Cup Charity Elephant Polo Tournament on Saturday. I’m SO excited. Tom’s been hanging out there with his booth which is Casa Azul merged with Day Of The Dead beers. Meaning mexican drinks and food, and daytime drinking in the sun. And I’m really up for that… I love spiced up slushies. The fact that they are playing elephant polo is also pretty awesome. Elephants and monkeys are my favourite animals. The cup is held by Anantara at the river so if you’re up for some nice weekend chilling by the Chao Phraya river you better come here. I also heard that the elephants are from Surin. So they’re pretty much my brothers and sisters. 😀








Sunday will be spent at Jatujak weekend market followed by boat noodles in Victory monument. I’m aiming to get at least five down.

What are you doing this weekend?



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