Love all around!

Valentines day. Vday, The day of romance. Or for some, the 14th of February. I think it’s great that we have a day of the year where we show the ones around us that we love them. I mean some DO NEED a reminder, so this a great little alarm. 

Love my bottom from Khongboon swimwear!

It doesn’t have to be your boyfriend, it can be a day to cherish your other loved ones too. Like your parents, siblings, friends…  Personally I’ve never celebrated valentines day, not while in our outside of a relationship. I can’t even remember what we’ve been up to on valentines day in the earlier years. But I do remember something about the gym! I like to think that we spend enough time and give eachother lots of love every other time of the year too.

Finally got to pop that bottle of wine I brought back from Spain…


Koh Rin in the background


Diego became a zombie… we went to have dinner at Rimpa Lapin and I liked it a lot. Fresh and tasty seafood and great atmosphere. The food is just as great as Mum Aroi, and the decor might have been even better!

This year, on valentines day we celebrated a friend of ours birthday on a “love” yacht. We boarded at Ocean Marina in Pattaya, took the boat out to Koh Rin and Monkey island, and watched the sun set while sailing along the shore of Pattaya. I think this was a perfect celebration of love and a new year passed.

What did you do for valentines?


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