Best way to start the day

There’s nothing quite the same as starting the day with some proper breakfast (during lunch time) The past week we’ve been running errands from morning until work time so we’ve always had time to go grab something nice. We’ve finally tried out Rocket in Silom and Chu at Exchange tower, and also been eating at some of our old and beloved places.

caramel frappe in glass cup with straw

The caramel Frappe was so good!!!

caesar sald in a bowl

Am I the only one who hates anchovies in my Caesar Salad? Tom on the other hand loves it.

We were around our old neighborhood in Rajadamri today, and thought we’d have something quick at the Coffee Club. I gotta give them, their coffee and drinks are good… but I’m always disappointed about their food. It looks great, but tastes…ok. Now, what I chose this time, might not be from their breakfast menu, but I have chosen items from there before thinking it was just ok. So I was hoping for something different this time. Lesson learned, I will only visit when I have a thirst for coffee. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re just hungry while passing, don’t be scared to go in and eat. I even have a couple of friends loving the place, so it might just be me. reuben sandwish on a checkered background

We also went to get Tom a little booster/new vaccine today.Unfortunately there’s not enough focus on adults and vaccines. It’s also hard knowing which ones to get, as there are lots of different info on the internet. You might want to ask your doctor the next time you see him/her.

I know I’m almost on my ten-year mark on some! Jawn, enough of this boring stuff.

Write you soon!



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