A stay like no other

While staying in Singapore we found our new favourite place to stay, and I’m definitely not staying anywhere else if we are heading back. Shangri-la Singapore is amazing. I’ve stayed at Shangri-la Bangkok beforehand but it’s not quite the same. It might be because we stayed at the Valley Wing and that the service there is exceptional, and has all goods included. The price isn’t bad for what you get, and I can promise you won’t be disappointed for putting in the little extra. I love how there’s not too many young people staying at the Valley Wing, meaning there’s less noise and a classy vibe. Though I want to add It’s perfect for young people to stay as well.

valley wing reception

The Valley Wing.

girl standing at food buffet

We started of our visit with food at The Line, and had their lunch buffet. I must say it’s one of the best one I’ve visited so far. Normally when visiting buffets the food is bland, and there’s never any focus on any of the dishes. Here, it’s like they have one chef for every section, and the food is just as delicious and fresh as if you would order it À la carte. Even the desserts are amazing. All types of cakes, ice creams and even fro yo!

Rooms are spacious and the view is nice overlooking the pool area.

Rooms are spacious and the view is nice overlooking the pool area.

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

I need lighting like this at home...

I need lighting like this at home…

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

Valley Wing perks

Some of the selling points are the fully equipped gym, fresh protein shakes made for you at a private dining area for breakfast, and might I add the breakfast buffet is one of the best I’ve dined at. The food is fresh, tastes amazing and the people that works there can make ANYONE feel at home.. There’s also an open bar in the Valley Wing, meaning free flow of champagne, wines and beer from 11 to 10.30 pm. There’s also a complimentary mini bar in your room: excluding the alcoholic beverages. 

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

Their Christmas decorations are on point!

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

My handsome photographer <3

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (www.everythingtom.com)

The location is quite good. I’ve read some reviews of people complaining it’s far out of the city, but it’s only 10 minutes from Orchard road, and to be honest I like how it’s not connected with the city, making it your own private place to go relax after a day out. The hotel is very helpful when it comes to booking you a normal taxi to go pretty much anywhere, and the cost is nothing to complain about either.

Top 5 things to do while visiting Singapore

  1. Gardens by The Bay, especially during winter when you can experience the Christmas vibes at Christmas Wonderland.
  2. Hawkers Market to try out new food. It’s the perfect way to try out all that Singaporean food you’ve wanted; all in one place. There’s also going to be many surprises and things to try that you never knew existed.
  3. Orchard Road Shopping. They pretty much have everything so not being able to decide because the selection is too wide is going to be a bigger problem than not finding what you’re looking for. I find the shopping there better than here in Bangkok, mostly because my size is always sold out here. 🙁
  4. Charles & Keith. I love love love bags and shoes from Charles & Keith. It’s so simple and classy and holds high quality. The price in Thailand is pretty low already concidering what you get for the money, but,  as brand is from Singapore, you can expect insane low prices there, so you better grab a couple of items while visiting.
  5. Universal studios. There’s no secret that I have an obsession with having fun, cotton candies, food, slides. mascots and balloons and Universal studios pretty much have all of that in one place. I love theme parks, and universal is definitely on my list of the best parks. Lovers and families alike, you’re going to love it.

Will you be staying here next time you visit Singapore?






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