Happy days in Pranburi

Chillin’ at the beach in Pranburi this weekend. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to finally travel somewhere where it’s not for work, school or other things that doesn’t have anything to do with disconnecting from the real world and just being by ourselves.

I’m always super excited going here, not only because of the beach and getting out of town. But it’s one of the few places I manage to calm down; also I can’t mention this enough times; they have the best som tam and grilled chicken in this world! I also love how even if it’s a weekend and high season, it’s still nice and quiet.    

This must be one of my fave dining spots…


Som Tam (papaya salad) without dried shrimp haha, Gai Yang (grilled chicken) and Nam Tok Moo (grilled Isaan pork?) and Kao Niew (sticky rice). Make sure they give you all the sauces!!! Omg I drool…


This is Diego’s first time here in Pranburi and he’s LOVING it so far. Yay to playing in the garden, lying in the sun and running at the beach ❤️

What have you been doing this weekend?


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  1. Tom says:

    Oh my gosh. What a great time there 😀

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