Welcome 2016

girl stretching in te sunset

All pictues from Jomtien beach in Pattaya <3 it’s a lot cleaner and a lot less touristy these days!

I think 2015 was the most stressful year of my life, first of all have never worked that much in my life EVER. I had a whole year where I chose to try financing myself. More work = less travelling. Full time studies. I worked my ass off to pay for school and a living. I lost someone near my to my heart. TWICE. I missed out on my annual summer with my friends back home, I missed out on Christmas with my family. For anyone that knows me this is so important to me. I’ve never missed out on Christmas and summer with my family. This was the first time in my 23 years of living so it did feel tough. Sickness. At some points I didn’t do so well… This also resulted in me having less time blogging, less time at the gym. It all felt hard at the time, but looking back at it, I learned so much. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have the worst year ever. Just the toughest so far. It kinda made me realize how good of a life I’ve had. And have. And just makes me grateful for everything that I’ve been given and have gotten to experience throughout my life. And specially all the people around me. Especially Tom, I know he must have had enough at some point, hehe.

girl taking selfie beach pattaya

Looking back at it, there are so many amazing things that happened too. We had our Lofoten and Norway trip in January, my mom came to visit in Thailand several time during the year. We went to Chiang Rai for Tom’s birthday. We went to Phuket and visited the most beautiful island we have ever been on Koh Tachai. Tom won a stay at the Anantara in Trang, so we got to go back to watch our favourite sunset location. And even though I didn’t get a day off for my birthday, I had the best day EVER all thanks to Tom. I love this guy so much!And the craziest thing ever, I won a fully sponsored trip by Sony to New York for two during the autumn. We made the most of it visiting Norway for a week, then a couple of nights in Amsterdam followed london and visiting my family in Spain. And in December, we had an amazing trip to Singapore and chilled at the Valley Wing at the Shangri-la and got to play at the Christmas Wonderland during the evenings. We also got the most incredible gift for Christmas. We adopted a frenchie named Diego. You will see lots of him here on my blog or on instagram.

half thai couple kissing

So… for this year I’ve made some new years resolutions. I always think this is such a lame thing to do, as so many set goals that aren’t realisitc or just don’t bother following them. But sometimes people need a list or goals to follow.  Otherwise it just falls through the cracks and is forgotten. I’ve made mine simple, but it will take some work to push myself to keep doing it. And so far…for 15 days hehe, it’s been going well… 

Train more. I need to get back into shape again. Not sure if I’m going for skinny fit or muscular yet, but I’m just going to push myself at being consistent with my training.

Eat healthy. This doesn’t mean I’m only eating chicken and broccoli and cutting sugars completely. it just means I’m staying more aware about what I put in my mouth. No more pizza almost every day and candies before bed. I know, it’s crazy I have to put this as a goal but I LOVE to pig out.  Stress less.

Work on starting something on my own.

Read more. Study harder.

Travel more. Even if it means weekend trips to close by beaches or cities. I’m gonna make it work.

Explore more. All from new dining places, museums, parts of the city I haven’t visited. 

Blog more. Take more photos! 

Make more time for my closest ones.

Coconut everything. Meaning I’m going to slowly change main source of oil to coconut oils. Also try to drink a coconut a day. It gives you so much more energy. Makes you feel good and is amazing for you. We have been reading up on the benefits of coconut oil lately and the results of studies is just insane. I’ll share some with you later.

What are your new years resolutions?





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