Camping in the mountains of Thailand…

My craving for travelling and exploring grows more every day. In times when I absolutely don’t have time to travel, and need to sit home during the weekends to study, I love to take a couple of minutes to look back at earlier travels. I always get so happy when looking back at moments in the past. It’s weird how we live through every moment, never really thinking about how great we have it. I mean, most likely, in ten years from. Actually even maybe a year from now, I’ll look back at this time, missing every single moment. Every experience I had, and wonder… why I didn’t appreciate it more. It feels bland right now, but it certainly won’t then. It will feel like it was all new. We humans are weird that way.


“Make today count, we’ll never get it back.”

I love nature. I love trekking, watching the sunset, climbing, I’d go far to see a beautiful view. I love the mountains. So for some weekends to come, when it’s less hectic, we’ve planned to visit some of the beautiful mountain views of Thailand. I suggest you take a look at BK magazine.

girl standing at tents in khao sok thailand

Taken at the Khao Sok Discovery boutique camp. Were camped in luxury tentes raised on wooden pillars. Amazing!

These photos are all taken at Khao Sok, if you’re ever thinking about going there, you should read my write-up from last year.



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