Bangkok magic

girl looking at view in bangkok rooftopNo need to tell you Bankokians that the weather is cool at the moment but oh my god.It’s so weird, the other day I woke up being all excited for the new things I was about to go out and explore. My body was all set about being in a different and new place. It doesn’t feel like Bangkok right now. It doesn’t smell like Bangkok right now, and somehow it doesn’t look like Bangkok.If people at home think I am exaggerating it was 16 degrees today. I’m wearing jeans and a christmas sweater to not be cold. We haven’t used the aircon for 3 days. The living room is SO cold. We’ve been having hot chocolate and warm tea everyday.

I’m home with a bad cold at the moment, BUT I’m loving this cold spell. Please don’t gooo.

Anyone else loving the cool weather in Bangkok?



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  1. annie lee says:

    i’m so happy the cool weather is back, even if it’s only for a bit! x so happy to have stumbled upon a fellow bangkokian’s blog – been really enjoying reading your posts! xx

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