Something to drool over…

It’s not a secret that I love to eat, and I do get satisfied going to a restaurant as long as the food is good and I leave there with a full stomach. With that said, it’s not often I find restaurants worth mentioning to my nearest and dearest, or restaurants that I’m a frequent visitor of. I love trying out new places, and the odds of me revisiting that restaurants are mostly up to convenience. I love steak, that’s not a secret. I love it so much it’s one of my favourite things to eat. When I used to live in Spain, it was so easy to find a nice steak place but here in Thailand not so. I do have to admit there are a lot of new delicious steak places popping up in Bangkok though, and
I’ve found a couple that I wouldn’t want to live without. Number one is Le Boeuf.


They serve a perfectly cooked steak topped with their secret sauce recipe. I swear, the sauce is so nice and salty and a perfect addition the steak. And it doesn’t stop there, you also get an unlimited serving of golden fries on the side. And I don’t even really like fries, and especially not next to my fries, but this is gold!! I normally only get one serving of fries though as we always order one platter of steak each. We made the mistake of only getting one for share the first time and it was one awkward dinner… just kidding.

So if you are looking for a delicious piece of meat for a decent price, Le boeuf the place to go, ok… now I’m hungry.



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