Christmas Wonderland

I’ve been wishing for a proper christmas fair in Thailand for quite a while now so I was super happy to find out about the Christmas Wonderland in Singapore. It might not be right next door in Bangkok, or even in Thailand, but Singapore is a direct flight that takes only two and a half hour from Bangkok, so I’m not complaining. This was especially gold for me seeing I wouldn’t be going back home to Norway this year.

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Check out the 11 meter tall chrismas pyramid decked with toys behind me <3

For those of you who don’t know, Christmas wonderland is Singapore’s biggest yuletide fair and is open from 28th of November until January 3rd this year, held at the Gardens by the Bay. As it was so successful last year, they doubled in size meaning it is covering 35,000 sqm. It is filled with all kinds of festive activities and areas, such as a market, traditional rides and games,and beautiful italian light sculptures all around the event ground. Best of all:
entrance to Christmas Wonderland is free for the public, while admission charges for the flower dome apply.

The decor is planned so perfectly, which means there is a photo opportunity pretty much everywhere!

All of these flower photos are from the flower dome at the Gardens by the Bay. All reall flowers.

I googled up some pictures and did some research beforehand to make sure we got to see as much as we could, and I have to tell you, the pictures does not do any justice. It’s a place you have to come see first-hand! I honestly can’t think of a better place to hold the event than the gardens. We had never acutally been there before, so it was something new and amazing. I love the whole “city in the garden” idea. Upon arriving the Gardens by the bay, you are met with beautiful surroundings; the garden itself is beautiful enough on it’s own, but all the christmas decor and lights makes it so special! It’s recommended to head down during daytime to explore the flower dome to then walk out in the festive market area to see the lights turn on. 

Come early as the flower dome closes at 9pm.

Come early as the flower dome closes at 9pm.

Christmas Wonderland’s Festive Market, located at the Supertree Grove, returns to offer a greater selection of international cuisines and wines, as well as dining concepts from renowned food and beverage operators. We loved the different treats served at the traditional wooden huts brought from the United Kingdom. Don’t miss out on the Dutch Pancake shop, it was one of our favourite dessert spots. I also got obsessed with Janice Wong’s moshis. They were so soft and fun to eat, I can’t even describe it, you have to try it. Trust me. I almost missed out. Her creations are vivid, and one of them are her amazing chocolates that only exists in your wildest dreams. We got recommended one with crispy pork and it was mouthwatering.

Endless amazing moshi's

Endless amazing mochis

girl holding plate with mochis

Second day of mochi muchin’ <3

One beautiful feature that stands out in the crowd is the Spiegltent. It’s an ornate century-old travelling ‘mirrior tent’ rom the Netherlands. Originally built in the late 19th and early 20th century. It’s so well maintained and creates such an enchanting setting for the festival. You can head over to the Spiegltent for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. If you love pub food, you will not be disappointed eating at Harry’s the food is so delicious and the drinks no less! I’ll go ahead and recommend you their signature beer and chicken wings next to some mac and cheese without having any doubts you will love it. They also hold a weekend brunch on Saturdays, Sundays, Christmas eve and Christmas day from 10.30am to 3pm.

girl standing outside spiegltent

spiegltent singapore

This spiegltent has travelled all the way from the Netherlands, brought in smalles pieces and set up here. It’s so pretty and I honestly felt like I was dining at a circus, so much fun.

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You can’t sit with us 😉

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The Italian Luminaries are sculptures of lights handmade by skilled craftsmen using white wood from the South of Italy. This year all the lights featured a new architectural design reminiscent of the medieval period.I love when people ask how to get to the Christmas Wonderland you get an answer to “follow the lights” and it’s as true as it gets. Every entrance followers you with these Luminaries.

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (

Photo by: Tom Barrett Photography (

Tom can recommend these oysters from Culina. 

girl holding plate with panacke

Dutch pankakes are a must, make sure you have a couple of days while visiting as there are many things to see and eat.

You’ll never get bored at this wonderland, there’s rides for both young and adults, we loved the beautiful carousel and even tried out the Helter skelter slide. There’s also snowland for kids, but it books out early, so only early arrivers will get to play there. We also got pretty obsessed with all the carnival game stalls, we played all of them at least one time, but unfortunately we didn’t win anything, hehe.I give us 10 points for the effort!

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luminaries christmas wonderland

The Spalliera is the largest luminarie, and surrounds the Cassa Armonica and 8m wide beautifully illuminated gazebo. There will be entertainment throughout the night in the gazebo from some crazy talented carollers.


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Ice Palace, so pretty, this view is taken from the Sky walk at the Super Tree Grove.

Christmas Wonderland will for sure expand in Singapore as it’s such a success.I also heard from one of the organizers that they are aiming to have christmas wonderland’s all over Asia, isn’t that amazing?

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Loved their fun skating rink, even though I was a bit rusty…

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If you haven’t gotten any christmas presents yet, this is the perfect place to get stuff for your nearest and dearest. There’s amazing inspo from craft vendors, from handmade items, toys and artisan perfumes and jewellery.

artisan perfumes at christmas wonderland

Artisan perfumes made by locals.

girl in flower dome singapore

Prepare yourself for some taxi queuing while visiting Singapore during christmas times, but trust me, it's much better travelling with puplic transportation as the parking lot was full.

Prepare yourself for some taxi queuing while visiting Singapore during christmas times, but trust me, it’s much better travelling with puplic transportation as the parking lot was full.


How to get there? 

My picks are AirAsia or Jetstar by aiplane.

Where to stay?


I’ll be coming back for sure next year! <3

Big creds to all of the organizers Blue Sky Events, Gardens by the Bay, AIA Singapore and the Singapore Tourism board. You really managed to create christmas in Southeast Asia.




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