Amazing Wonderfruit

We didn’t make it to Wonderfruit last year due to the regular visit back home to Norway for Christmas. Seeing we had time and was in Thailand this weekend there was no way we were gonna miss out on the festival. Also Tom’s restaurat Casa Azul had a booth at the event, and might I add they served the best quesadillas, tacos, burritos and ribs there, I would even go as far as saying best in Thailand!

I came down to Pattaya on Saturday and stayed out Sunday meaning I only got a weekend pass. This was more than enough for me but there are different options and you can stay the full four days. You can even stay in a tent at the festival. We stayed at a hotel, and I’m so glad we did as it gets super dusty there, and if you’re gonna have energy for the rest of the days you might need a proper shower and a bed. It might just be me getting old though…

  I can’t find any negative things about the festival itself, but I’d love it if there would be even more food vendors next year. We went from booth to booth constantly eating desserts, steaks, hamburgers, MAC AND CHEESE sandwiches, smoothies and juices and maybe gained like 2 kgs, but still, I would love even more selections. So please, sign up already, hehe… No point in me telling you guys about the festival, I think the pictures posted all over the internet says enough. But I do want to add that we had the best time and that this is by far the best festival in Thailand and that I hope they do well so they can continue every year. ❤️


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