Best music festival in Bangkok !!

I think friday is my favourite day. It’s the last day of work of the week, and we’ve actually managed to change our working hours so it’s only a five-hour long day. It’s also the beginning of the weekend and I’m going to Singapore tomorrow to check out Christmas Wonderland so that’s also something to look forward to.

I’m sorry I’ve been offline the couple of days, but I was rushing through Wednesday with work to then head to 808 music festival which was quite amazing. The only downside was going there as I thought I’d save time catching the BTS all the way to Bangna. When arriving to Asoke BTS I realized I had forgotten my rabbit card at home, which is quite a crisis if you think about the lines at Asoke during the evening. I mean why doesn’t everyone just get a rabbit card, it would really ease the traffic on the BTS. Anyways… there I am lining up for about 10 minutes and the machine crashes, I then line up for the next one and right before it’s my turn the person in front of me has the machine crash on him to. By this time it was a line all the way down the stairs for the third and last machine. I couldn’t take the chance of lining up again and got a bike to the next station. Lesson learnt, never go to Asoke if you’re in a rush.

Talking about 808 the line-up was amazing, definitely one of the best line-ups in Bangkok so far.  I made it just in time to see Axwell^Ingrosso, Armin Van Buuren and Jack Ü. Needless to say, I was not in shape to be writing yesterday. They made the perfect beats to dance all night long. I did make it to work though, but somehow the system broke down and we got to quit two hours earlier. Fate or what?


Pretty much the only picture I got through the night...

Pretty much the only picture I got through the night…

I’m about to get back to my books, before I head to work hopefully followed by the gym.

Singapore I’ll be seeing you tomorrow!

What are you guys up to this weekend?



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