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Just watched this video and it hit me in the right places.

In this day and age, us girls (as well as guys!) are oppressing our emotions and expressions from everyday life. Whether it’s because we are told that it’s wrong, see that it’s too over-the-top or simply just being shy. A lot of negative feelings have been wrongly associated with letting our true feelings show. I personally laugh out loud and sing along to songs on the radio, but have been guilty at times of holding back my tears or covering my screams of joy when my favourite football team scores a great goal.


It’s quite a shame as we have so much in us to show to the world but have been lead to believe we can’t really let it show. There shouldn’t be a limit on what we can express. From now on (little by little) I won’t be hiding no more. There’s definitely a time and place for everything of course and sometimes it may be inappropriate to be laughing – but that’s just common sense. My intention is just to stop holding back those moments of joy or sadness! I hope you guys join me in this as well! The way we live our lives and how we spend it shouldn’t be dictated by how other people view us – or how we THINK people view us.

Smile, laugh, cry, be angry! Do it while you can, it’s free 😀

Creds to ponds for being able to connect with our feelings like that.
This post has been sponsored by Pond, but all the thoughts are my own

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