Día de los Muertos

Since Tom opened a mexican restaurant this year, we thought it would be a great idea to dress up in Dia del los muertos costumes aka. day of the dead. It’s celebrated the 1st and 2nd and is a Mexican celebration similar to our Halloween.

couple wearing day of the dead make up and costumes

Love this background. The restaurant is full of paintings like this!!!

Tom got his costume while we were visiting the states, and seeing this was a one size you can imagine how large the costume was on him. Safe to say we took it to the tailor to make it at least 5 sizes down. I have NEVER seen one size that big. Oh Americans….  I was planning to get my stuff from eBay but I was late as always and ended up having to find something in Bangkok, I didn’t want to gamble on it arriving in 14 days.



I did order some bridal flowers from them though, and they were perfect, so glad I didn’t buy them from the states. These looked so real and costed only a couple of dollars. I also ordered some fake tattoos that arrived within a week so that was perfect. I’ve never found black temporary tattoos with shadow in Bangkok before, so that was a catch. I think they were under 1 dollar shipping included. I love ebay. But hate them for making it so hard to retrieve my old account, that I still haven’t gotten back!!

Managed to smudge out my make-up within 10 minutes... hehe

Managed to smudge out my make-up within 10 minutes… hehe

The corset, skirt and stockings are all from bottom floor at platinum. They have so many nice things there, and the lady that owns the shop is so helpful. This is definitely my new go to place for costumes.



Halloween in Bangkok was pretty fun and we started off at Casa Azul in Ari where they had a professional make-up artist, followed by some dancing at Live RCA and some after partying at …. Mixx. (It’s right next door to home).

What did you guys do for Halloween?



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