Hello Thursday

Can’t believe the week is almost over. Time has been passing like crazy lately and I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about it. I guess I’m happy that we are moving faster towards the weekends and holidays and away from work and stress, but then again sad that time passes too fast and towards other chapters in life. I feel like it’s only been a year since I was 20 and moved to Thailand, but that’s not the case. It’s already been 3!!

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Sister love at fuentes del algar <3



Benidorm view

I feel like I’ve had more drinks than I’ve had forever lately and it doesn’t help that I’m not going to the gym. On saturday we started off at the Royal oak with beers, ciders and food, watching Liverpool draw against Tottenham. Then we continued to Robin Hood to watch Chelsea BEAT Aston Villa. Yes, you heard me. Chelsea’s back, hehe. We also ended up having ciders and jäger bombs?! there. The night didn’t end there, but continued at Tuba with a couple of their giant cocktails. If you ever go, their Amaretto sour is the bomb. Only bad side with going to Tuba is that people are allowed to smoke inside.

Following day we had an indian wedding to attend which meant more drinking. Good thing we didn’t go too crazy. We also went to the speakeasy at Muse hotel after. It’s pretty chill.

So I get back to work planning to save my alcohol intake for Halloween, but on Tuesday my boss decided we quit early to go to a sports bar in soi 4 called strikers. I love how it’s totally acceptable to go out during weekdays in Bangkok. I think we all went through two whole bottles of jägermeister for shots and vodka bottle for drinks. I love that Swedes drinks vodka. I mean why does people have to drink Whiskey?! It’s so gross.

That brings me to yesterday when we went to see the Silly fools at Parking Toys. They were really good live by the way. But the Whiskey-Coke-Soda wasn’t. It’s 3 poisons I don’t like. Hehehe, oh complaining Anita.

Anyways, I’m off for work now! Hoping my colleague that’s been sick the whole week is back today, been way to much to do this week.


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    nice shots 🙂 love it!

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