Fun times in Amsterdam

Amsterdam was shorts and sweet. We had one night and two (almost) full days in the city. I’ve been to Amsterdam before, but this time I really fell in love with the city. It’s such a free place compared to Norway and Thailand, but it’s not in any way more chaotic or less safe for that matter.Actually I felt incredibly safe there even at night time walking around the red light district and dark alleys. I love how they have amazing food EVERYWHERE and how easy accessible it is. You can jump on the bus/tram/ferry and get pretty much anywhere you want for a good price. In Norway it costs me the same amount to take the train to the airport, as it costed me for a full day card in Amsterdam. I ACTUALLY felt like the reason they have public transportation was to save the environment. In Norway it’s actually cheaper to take your own car most places than taking the train…girl posing next to bike in amsterdam

Enough moaning about my own country. We have decided  we will be moving to Amsterdam some time in the future though. Not forever, but at least for half a year or a full year… Can’t wait!

Beautiful buildings everywhere

Love my forever travel partner <3

5 things you have to do while you’re in Amsterdam:

  1. Heineken experience, it was so much fun, and you actually learn interesting things about how Heineken been become what we know today.

    As you can see I was pretty tipsy already. What a fun tour!

    As you can see I was pretty tipsy already. What a fun tour!

  2. Canal cruise. It was so, so, but it is really nice to go on the canal and learn about the city. You could just go on a little canoe as a couple too, I’m sure that would be nice aswell. My friends went on their own paddle boat once, and apparently this was not a good idea as you have to steer yourself around and between the bigger boats.couple kissing in amsterdam next to the river
  3. Coffee shop. You can’t go to Amsterdam as a youngster and not visit the coffee shops. It’s so weird to see people just sitting there smoking weed like it’s normal. Also their menu’s with herbal tea’s and joints like you were ordering a cappuccino. I’m not saying you should smoke, just have a look. 🙂Street art
  4. Visit the Van Gogh museum. I can’t believe I got to see the beautiful paintings that I learnt and read about in school. Until January you also get to see Edvard Munch’s masterpieces at the museum.

    Super yummy, we went for the spicy sauce. Yes... I know I look like a toddler, but I can't talk about the best fries in the world without showing a photo

    Super yummy, we went for the spicy sauce. Yes… I know I look like a toddler, but I can’t talk about the best fries in the world without showing a photo

  5. Vlaams Friethuis. I don’t even like french fries, but these were crispy, salty and golden. And you get to choose your topping from over a dozen sauces.

Where to stay? We stayed at the Ibis right next to the Amsterdam Centraal station. The hotel wasn’t super fancy but the location was great. We could get pretty much anywhere from our hotel, and it was only one train away from the airport. Don’t expect an early check-in though, the hotel is PACKED.

girl standing with baguette in from of centraal station

Pretty much where we lived. Right next to Amsterdam centraal. Of course I was holding food there. Best baguett EVER.

Tips: If you are planning to do the same activities as us, make sure you get an IAMSTERDAM city card, it includes unlimited train, ferry and tram rides, and also free access to the Van Gogh museum, the lovers canal cruise and more! You’ll save loads of money. 

xoxo -A

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